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Improving Concrete Tennis Courts at Elite Tennis Center, Mumbai

Improvement of Sports Court

The center faced challenges with the adhesion of acrylic coatings on their concrete tennis courts. The existing coatings were peeling and fading prematurely, leading to frequent and costly maintenance.


The center consulted Pacecourt, known for their innovative sports surface solutions to address this issue. Pacecourt recommended their Acrylic Concrete Primer, a high-strength primer to improve the concrete surfaces. The product’s concentrated formula is efficient and cost-effective for large-scale applications. It helps in enhancing court durability.


Under the guidance of Pacecourt's technical team, the maintenance staff at Elite Tennis Center prepared the concrete surfaces and applied the Acrylic Concrete Primer. The primer was diluted as recommended and applied evenly across the courts, creating a strong bond between the concrete and the subsequent layers of acrylic coating.


The application of the Acrylic Concrete Primer improved the durability and longevity of the acrylic coatings on the tennis courts. The center reduces in peeling and fading of the court surfaces, resulting in lower maintenance costs and enhanced playing conditions. It proved useful in enhancing court durability. Hire a partner that can offer you the best services, Pacecourt is the one that can help you to embark on your journey in court construction. Our products are the best and have all the elements to smoothen the surface.

Client Feedback:

The management of Elite Tennis Center was highly impressed with the performance of the Pacecourt Acrylic Concrete Primer. They appreciated the primer's effectiveness in improving coating adhesion and its easy application process, which reduced the downtime of the court.

Final Remarks:

This case study highlights the effectiveness of Pacecourt Acrylic Concrete Primer in enhancing the adhesion and durability of acrylic coatings on concrete sports surfaces. The successful implementation at Elite Tennis Center in Mumbai demonstrates the primer's suitability for high-traffic sports facilities, ensuring long-lasting, high-quality playing surfaces. Enhancing Court Durability is easy and simple at Pacecourt.

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