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Sport Surface Material


Pacecourt is India’s first company to deliver sports flooring materials worldwide, with 11 years of experience in creating high-quality surfaces for sports like tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, skating rinks, walking tracks, and multi-sport courts. Moreover, our expertise lies in Synthetic Acrylic Flooring, which is a top-notch choice for enhancing the performance and safety of sports facilities, while also offering the flexibility to match any venue’s aesthetic with our range of 7 Standard Colors. Also, custom colors are available upon request, thereby ensuring your court looks exactly how you envision it.

Our products come with the assurance of quality, backed by an ITF-4 Certification for tennis courts and our ISO Certification, showcasing our commitment to excellence. While we specialize in supplying the material, we understand the importance of a good installation. Though we don’t install the courts ourselves, we’re connected with over 200 dealers worldwide to help you find a skilled installer near you.

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Pacecourt is the first choice by all the major institution in India.
Our record says it all.

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Why Pacecourt

Less Wastage on site

Less Wastage On Site

Instant Availability

Instant Availability

30 percent more coverage

30% More Coverage

Buy Back Facility

Buy Back Facility

No Minimum order restriction

No Min. Order

Easy Transportation

Easy Transportation

Competitive Pricing, Premium Quality

Choose Pacecourt for the best rates in synthetic acrylic flooring without compromising quality

What We Do?

Balaji Sports, a pioneer in synthetic acrylic sports flooring manufacturer in India, offers high-quality Pacecourt brand materials suitable for a variety of outdoor sports and recreational activities. Also, our products cater to sports such as Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Pickleball, Skating Rink, Walking Tracks and Multi-purpose Courts. Leveraging advanced manufacturing capabilities to produce ITF-certified coatings, we ensure durability, athlete comfort, and affordability. Our materials, composed of durable acrylic resins, UV-resistant pigments, selected fillers, guarantee excellent wearability and color retention. Distributed nationwide by our partners, Pacecourt stands at the forefront of enhancing sports surfaces across India.

What Does Pacecourt Offer?

Pacecourt offers acrylic material which used to make outdoor courts combines durability, UV resistance, and vibrant color, backed by ITF and ISO certification and a wide distributor network, further It’s a go to choice for enhancing sports facilities with top-quality, long-lasting surfaces.



Looking For Something Unique?

Also, explore our range of  31 additional colours to perssonalize your court and mae it uniquely yours


Pacecourt 5 layer system
5 Layer System
Pacecourt layer wise procedure
8 Layer System

Our Process


1 Advisory

Pacecourt offers top-notch Synthetic acrylic flooring materials, backed by 11 years of industry expertise. With over 200 dealers across India, we ensure nationwide installation support, also, our guidance encompasses court construction from scratch, educating customers on material and water usage to avoid misinformation and thus we ensure quality installation.

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Engagement 2

Customers typically find us via online search and contact us to discuss their needs. If they have a prepared base for the court, we supply the necessary materials and facilitate connections with our extensive network of over 200 dealers across India. Also, this ensures that no matter where the customer is located, they have access to a nearby installer for efficient court installation. While, we provide the materials, the installation cost is separately quoted by the dealers.
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3 Installation and Supervision

Our installation process is overseen by design experts to ensure safety and precision. Also, we maintain
clear communication with clients throughout this phase with expert supervision
to minimize errors. The project is only deemed complete after a thorough review and sign-off
by our technical supervisor, guaranteeing high-quality results.

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Maintenance 4

                                       Pacecourt is committed to the longevity and quality of your sports court. We provide detailed guidance on maintaining and caring for your court, also ensuring it remains in prime condition for 4-5 years. Also, Our expert tips cover routine cleaning,
surface protection, and periodic check-ups, lastly empowering you to preserve the court’s integrity and functionality.
This proactive approach to maintenance helps you enjoy a durable and safe sports surface for an extended period.

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Basketeball Court Basketeball Court

Get Dealers

Connect also with the top sports acrylic flooring dealer in your area through Pacecourt’s expansive network, ensuring access to premium surfaces no matter where you are.



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