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Pacecourt, with 11 years of experience, specializes in synthetic acrylic sports flooring for outdoor games like Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Pickleball, Skating Rinks, and multi-sport courts. As a pioneer in India’s Acrylic industry, we manufacture top-quality materials for various outdoor sports and decorative surfaces. Our product range boasts 31 customizable colors, allowing customers to tailor their court’s appearance. Our advanced manufacturing facility is equipped to produce ITF-certified sports coatings, ensuring each product balances durability, player comfort, playability, and affordability after extensive research and development.

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Why Pacecourt?

Less Wastage on site

Less Wastage On Site

Instant Availability

Instant Availability

30 percent more coverage

30% More Coverage

Buy Back Facility

Buy Back Facility

No Minimum order restriction

No Min. Order Restriction

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Easy Transportation

What We Do

Pacecourt takes pride in being the first company in India to manufacture synthetic acrylic sports surface materials. Synthetic outdoor flooring services in India have been Classified by ITF Federation.
Our state of art manufacturing facilities manufactures Synthetic court sporting products- Acrylic Concrete Primer, Acrylic Resurfacer, Liquid Rubber(granule & powder) color courts

What Does Pacecourt Offer?

Pacecourt not only provides a full range of sports surface products but also state-of-the-art construction facilities to build a court turnkey. Pacecourt products are ITF-approved for the creation of high-quality sports surfaces.

Synthetic Sports Flooring

At Pacecourt, we believe in customizing solutions for each client Because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy so, we understand that every sports surface requires a thorough examination and inspection. After a comprehensive examination. Our experts will recommend the best goods and solutions for your needs.

Availability of best-manufactured products that are ITF classified.

Pacecourt offers our customers the best final products with high-quality international standards for every sports flooring material and we have ITF-certified products at reasonable prices available at Indian prices with international quality.

Most Affordable prices

Because of their high-quality surface, we give Synthetic acrylic sports flooring products to our customers, supported by our experienced specialists. These services are extensively utilized in a range of sports stadiums and gaming venues. These flooring services are provided at reasonable prices in order to enhance customer satisfaction.

Access to our highly acclaimed and trained project management team

Pacecourt creates the highest quality synthetic sports flooring and has a highly skilled team that will personalize your needs and oversee the project from beginning to end. The specialized team at Pacecourt is prepared to undertake a thorough assessment and inspection of the area and the surface in order to recommend the best possible surface coating and material.

Solution for complete installation and commissioning of the courts

Pacecourt delivers complete court surface installation and commissioning with a highly trained staff that will personalize your needs and oversee the project from beginning to end because the specialized team at Pacecourt is qualified to undertake a thorough survey and examination of the location and the surface to recommend the best possible surface coating and material.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the existing court (surface) needs refurbishment or a complete change?

Whenever you start feeling that the top color layers of the court are worn off and the bottom black layers can be seen or the court has become slippery, it needs refurbishment.

What are the advantages of putting three to five layers of surfaces on a court?

More the layers, the better it is. The three-layer court is a basic color court, the five-layer court is a basic cushion court and the eight-layer court is a cushioned court.

What if I don't refurbish the existing surface which the Pacecourt team identifies.

The court will keep deteriorating further and end of the day will lose its play-ability then full replacement of the court will be required.

What do you mean by putting a three or five-layer surface before the actual

The court is ready? I thought a court can be built by just painting a cemented floor, is that not correct?

What type of surface materials are used in making outdoor courts?

Various types of synthetic sports surfaces are available in the market for making outdoor courts but synthetic acrylic is the most appropriate material to build outdoor courts for harsh climatic conditions.

What's the difference between synthetic and no-synthetic surfaces and which one is better?

Most important aspect of using synthetic material on a court is its playability, the second is the synthetic look, and last but not least is the life of the court. Using all weather

How to identify the quality of material used to make synthetic sports surfaces?

Synthetic sports material is very research-oriented product and it’s totally different from the normal paints available in the market. ITF classification of the product is the most normal way to check its quality but that is not all to check the quality of the product.

Typically, whats the life of an outdoor tennis court, and how much maintenance does it need?

The life of a synthetic court is directly proportional to the maintenance and usage of the court. Weekly washing or using blowers for removal of dust is more than enough to use it for a longer period of time. Good quality laid synthetic court with proper use of the material should last for more than 2-5 years without losing its originality.

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