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Pacecourt, India’s leading choice for high-quality pickleball court flooring, will take you to a world of unmatched flooring excellence. Our dedication to durability and outstanding quality is evident in every inch of our unique flooring solutions. We takes your game to new heights while building on an already solid foundation of excellence. Our Pickleball Court flooring is designed to improve the pickleball experience by enhancing each dive and serve.

Our Flooring is specifically constructed to fit the needs of both competitive pickleball players and enthusiasts, giving a unique combination of utility and aesthetic appeal. Become a part of the growing community of satisfied Pacecourt clients throughout India, and select a pickleball court that champions the competitive spirit and fosters a profound connection to the sport. This commitment to excellence cements our status as the leading sports court material service provider.

Choosing Pacecourt means investing in a court that is built to last, is of high quality, and offers a playing experience that grows with your pickleball excitement. Our low-maintenance courts allow for extended playtime while reducing downtime. We are proud to provide materials that set the groundwork for memorable matches and develop a love of pickleball.



Choose your ideal colour for a personalized pickleball court. With Pacecourt, customization possibilities are limitless.



Formulated to endure intense pickleball matches and also, diverse weather, thus assuring sustained performance and unrivaled quality at your doorstep.


Our flooring lessens the impact, while reducing player fatigue and also,injury risk, and enabling longer, safer play.


Effortlessly maintainable surfaces, easy to clean and also, low on upkeep, thus giving you memorable game experience.


A wide variety of colours and finishes are available, perfect for aligning with your facility’s style also, maintaining your identity.


Expert Craftsmanship
Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to creating the perfect playing surface with meticulous attention to detail, also,ensuring every court meets our exacting standards of quality and performance.
Cutting-Edge Technology
We utilize the latest sports surface technology for courts designed for optimum playability and durability, incorporating materials and also, designs that offer superior bounce, exceptional grip, and resilience against all conditions.
Customized Solutions
Understanding the uniqueness of every player and venue, we offer bespoke court designs tailored to specific requirements, also personalized colors, logos, dimensions, and textures.
Environmentally Responsible
Our eco-friendly approach uses sustainable materials and also, processes minimizing environmental impact without compromising court quality and durability.
Comprehensive Client Support
Our commitment extends beyond installation, offering maintenance, repair, and also, professional advice to ensure your court remains in prime condition, backed by responsive customer service.
Proven Track Record
Trusted by athletes and institutions, our portfolio of successful installations speaks to our reputation for top-tier tennis court surfaces that also, deliver a superior playing experience.
Industry-Leading Warranty
Invest with confidence in our industry-leading warranty also, guaranteeing the longevity and performance of your court.
ITF Certification
Our courts boast the prestigious International Tennis Federation (ITF) certification, meeting rigorous global standards for surface pace and playability also, ensuring a professional-grade experience.

UV Resistance

Each court is coated with UV-resistant materials, to ensure the vibrant colour and integrity. Also, the material further help you in court maintenance throughout the year, regardless of sun exposure.

Impact Cushioning

Prioritizing player comfort, our flooring is designed to built and provide exceptional shock absorption. Also, this feature further reduces stress on joints and allows for extended fatigue-free play.

Consistent Ball Response

Our courts are precision-engineered for a uniform response to every serve and receive, also to provide a fair and predictable gameplay experience.

Optimized Surface Traction

Safety is at the forefront of our design. The anti-slip nature of our surfaces significantly lowers the risk of slips and falls, thus ensuring a safer playing environment.


All-Weather Durability

Designed to withstand varied weather conditions, our pickleball courts stay in top condition, rain or shine, thereby offering a reliable playing surface at all times.

Environmentally Conscious Materials

Sustainability is a core value in our production process. We utilize eco-friendly materials to make the court. Also, these materials are durable and high-quality, and is an environmentally responsible choice.

Customizable Design Options

We offer a range of customization options, from unique line markings to a diverse palette of colours, allowing you to tailor the court to your specific aesthetic and also, the functional needs. Thereby, providing bespoke faullt free services.

Ease of Upkeep

Our pickleball court surfaces are designed with low maintenance in mind. They require minimal effort to maintain, thereby helping you focus more on the game and less on the court upkeep.


In addition to crafting top-tier pickleball court surfaces, we extend a suite of services to ensure your court is always game-ready:

Maintenance Guidance & Timely Repairs

Our expert team is on hand to provide you with thorough maintenance advice and also, with professional repair services, to ensure your court always remains in optimal condition for every game.

Modern Upgrades

Considering a revamp of your current court? We specialize in cutting-edge resurfacing solutions, bringing the latest advancements in basketball court technology at your doorstep. Our upgradation services will make your game seamless.

Consultation and Design

Not just builders, we are collaborators. If you’re looking to design a new court or reimagine an existing space, our experts provide personalized consultation, and design services to realize your vision. So, transformation with peace of mind is guaranteed.



Embrace the path to pickleball excellence with us. Reach out to discuss your specific court requirements.

Customer Experiences
with Pacecourt
Pickleball Courts


What type of flooring material does Pacecourt recommend for pickleball courts?
Pacecourt recommends high-quality synthetic acrylic flooring for pickleball installation. This material provides an excellent balance of grip and bounce also, ensuring a safe and enjoyable playing experience. Our flooring is durable, weather-resistant, and customizable in a range of colors to suit any aesthetic preference.
Can Pacecourt flooring be customized to fit any court size or design?
Absolutely! Pacecourt offers customizable solutions to build a pickleball court that can be tailored to fit any court size or design specification. Whether you’re looking to install a standard court or have specific design requirements, we can provide personalized sketches and also, plans to meet your needs.
How long does it take to install a pickleball court with Pacecourt materials?
The installation time can vary depending on the size of the court and the specific conditions of the site. Generally, the installation process, including surface preparation, flooring installation, and curing time, can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. We work closely with our network of skilled installers to ensure a smooth and also, efficient installation process.
Are Pacecourt pickleball courts suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?
Yes, our synthetic acrylic flooring materials are versatile and designed to perform excellently in both indoor and outdoor settings. The materials are UV resistant and can withstand various weather conditions also, making them ideal for outdoor courts.
How do I maintain my Pacecourt pickleball court to ensure its longevity?
Maintaining a Pacecourt pickleball court is straightforward. Regular sweeping to remove debris and occasional washing and water will keep the surface in top condition. We also recommend periodic inspections to check for any wear or damage, especially in high-use areas. Also, Following these simple maintenance steps will help extend the life of your court.