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A deep patch is an undulation surfaces repair product designed to fix and repair undulations in any kind of sports surface. It can be used over new or existing asphalt or concrete recreational surfaces.

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Pacecourt Deep patch Acrylic Emulsion is specifically designed to modify cement compositions.

Important application area for undulation problem includes:

  • Patching & resurfacing.
  • Floor underlay.
  • Terrazzo flooring.
  • Spray and fill coats.
  • Pre-cast architectural building panels.
  • Highway and bridge deck repair.

Cement mortars modified with Pacecourt Deep Patch Acrylic Emulsion offer increased tensile and flexural Strengths versus unmodified mortars. It is a solution to the undulation problem, When ambiently cured, thin sections dry rapidly and exhibit excellent toughness and good adhesion to old concrete and masonry, brick, bitumen surface, wood, metals, and many other surfaces. Chemical resistance is improved over unmodified mortars.

Many customers are experiencing undulation, indicating this is a prevalent problem. Since Pacecourt is concerned with all of its clients’ difficulties, customers no longer need to worry about their base. Pacecourt has developed a new product called the Deep Patch, the best solution for undulation; simply order a Deep Patch and apply it; your undulation will balance.

Key Features for Undulation problem

  • 100% Acrylic polymer composition
  • Low viscosity emulsion that offers enhanced strength, durability, and adhesion to cement-Based products and Bitumen Surfaces.
  •  Suitable for external spray applied and patching applications.
  • Excellent long-term durability, water resistance, and resistance to hydrolysis.
  • Offers improved water resistance of renders.

Buy a pacecourt new product Deep patch for undulation, a Solution for your problem, and help you to fill the gaps in your surface.



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    it is a besst Quality product

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