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Concrete Primer

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Concrete primer is specifically designed to absorb into the surface of concrete, filling imperfections and creating a smooth surface for the paint. Most primers will dry in a few hours.

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The existing surface shall be clean, free from all dirt and foreign debris, and shall be dry. New asphalt and concrete should allowed a 30-day curing period before applying any coatings. All surfaces must be structurally sound with any unsound material(s) removed by chipping or scarifying. Oil and other contaminants should removed by solvents or acid etching, and all resultant residues thoroughly removed. When acid etching, thoroughly rinse and neutralize the working surface with a 1% ammonia solution. Concrete primer should applied at the first.
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In some instances, it may be necessary to lightly prime an area prior to coating regular surfacing materials on concrete. We manufacture an Epoxy Concrete Primer which should used on concrete surfaces where hydrostatic pressure, efflorescence, staining, or other problems are possible. In areas where a primer desired, but adhesion or staining is less critical, one part of Acrylic Concrete Primer may diluted with two parts of water and applied as a primer over the entire area with a brush, roller, or squeegee. Be careful to fully coat the surface filling all voids but do not allow material to pool in low spots. Allow the primer to dry before proceeding with patching.

Acrylic Concrete Primer coverage is approximately 0.12 kg/m2 per application. Coverage may vary depending on concrete porosity and texture.


  • Store the item at room temperature in a place that is well-ventilated and away from any fire risk.
  • Do not make eye or skin contact. If you come in contact with your eyes or skin, thoroughly rinse with water.
  • Do not inhale or inject; if inhalation occurs, move to fresh air and seek medical attention if symptoms persist.
  • While handling the point, wear safety gear such as rubber or polythene gloves, goggles or glasses, and a face mask.
  • Do not apply when temperatures are below 50°F (10°C) or when rain is imminent.
  • Do not allow products to pool or puddle in low spots.



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