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Making A Court

Pacecourt understands the importance of making the perfect sports surface tennis court surfaces manufactured in India, Synthetic tennis court flooring manufacturer | outdoor basketball court flooring for your players and athlete. We know that the decision to either get a new sporting surface made or refurbish an existing surface is critical and involves time and a substantial amount of money.

Pacecourt manufactures the highest quality synthetic sports surface with a highly experienced team that will customize your requirement and manage the project from start to finish.


Survey of the surface

It all starts with a survey where the client wishes to install the court. This activity is of prime importance because any decision wrongly taken at this stage can seriously damage the court in the future. Pacecourt’s specialist team prepared to conduct a detailed survey and conduct an inspection of the location and the tennis court surfaces manufacture coating and material. This assessment is critical to ensure the right amount budgeted commencement of the project and also to avoid undue delays.


Choosing the Product

Once the survey and inspection are complete the team at pacecourt discusses the requirements of the client and helps him choose the right product. Our products certify by the international tennis federation (ITF) and we are the first company in India to manufacture a world-class product that is available at the most economical price with the completion of the survey the client may need to redo refurnish the existing surface and that is where the pacecourt products line recommended to make the surface playable at the world-class level.


Customized Product and Solution

Pacecourt through its channel partners across India supplies synthetic sports surface materials. Our channel partners can contacted here we believe that a good sporting surface cannot built unless it installed a team that understands the importance of the right mix of materials tennis court surfaces manufacturer in India. This is where pacecourt is far ahead of its competitors. We not only offer a words class product but also offer services of rained technicians that work closely with the client to ensure the court that built is world-class and help the athletes play to their best.


After sales maintenance and care

Our after-sales support services ensure that the courts installed by us maintained at the world-class level for a long time. We also offer services of annual maintenance and care at highly affordable prices. We also offer comprehensive solutions that include the cost of maintenance in the price of the total project.