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Walking Tracks

Walking Synthetic Track

There are several reasons for the rapid popularity of the synthetic track. They are popular among runners and athletes because they provide good shock absorption, similar to grass and dirt tracks, but they do not cause runners to lose speed, as soft natural surfaces can. There is enough give to allow for comfortable running, but there is also enough stiffness to avoid speed loss. Because of this, synthetic acrylic walking track have gained the moniker “fast tracks.” Therefore, These surfaces also provide excellent traction in wet weather, which is not the case with natural surfaces that change with the weather. In addition, This all-weather quality made training and competition more constant, allowing athletes to exercise for extended periods of time without interruption as the seasons changed.

Synthetic track

Sythetic Walking Track Material

Jogging track

Competitions have taken to relying on synthetic tracks because they offer an even and dependable surface. These tracks can also used for either indoor or outdoor applications, providing a consistent surface for runners, stadium designers, and event planners to utilize. Further constructing major venues, such as those for the Olympics Also, which designed to last for years on end, synthetic materials are also now preferred for their durability, resistance to weathering, and relatively low maintenance requirements.

Walking Tracks

Synthetic track
All of our products are built by pacecourt in collaboration with established industry leaders and German technical specialists. Pacecourt is India’s first locally designed brand, and it’s quietly but steadily changing the way synthetic sports surfaces are manufactured in the country. Pacecourt offers a wide range of synthetic acrylic colors and sizes to its customers.
Walking tracks

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