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Customer Stories: How Pacecourt Transformed Sports Facilities Across India

Customer Stories

Over the past decade, Pacecourt has made a significant impact on the sports infrastructure landscape in India, providing top-notch synthetic acrylic sports flooring to various facilities across the country. The company’s commitment to quality, durability, and player safety has earned them an enviable reputation. In this article, we highlight some inspiring customer stories that testify to how Pacecourt has transformed sports facilities throughout India.

Story 1: A School in Mumbai

A prominent school in Mumbai was facing recurring issues with their outdoor basketball court. The surface was prone to cracks and undulations, which made playing difficult and raised safety concerns. They approached Pacecourt, who not only resolved these issues with their top-quality flooring and innovative Deep Patch product but also provided a stunning Royal Blue finish that revitalized the look of the court. Today, the court is a favorite spot among the students and stands as a testament to Pacecourt's quality and durability.

Story 2: Tennis Club in Delhi

A tennis club in Delhi was looking to upgrade their traditional clay courts to hard courts to accommodate year-round play. Pacecourt came on board and transformed the courts with their ITF-certified synthetic acrylic flooring. The Terracotta Red color chosen gave the courts a clay-like appearance while offering the advantages of a hard court surface. The club members were delighted with the upgrade, praising the enhanced playing experience and the court's aesthetic appeal.

Story 3: Multi-Sport Facility in Bangalore

In Bangalore, a multi-sport facility was in dire need of a flooring solution that could accommodate various sports without compromising on performance or safety. Pacecourt installed top-grade flooring with clear demarcations for different sports. The Light Green surface provided a soothing aesthetic while ensuring high visibility for all games. The facility owners were impressed by the transformation and the flexibility offered by Pacecourt’s multi-sport solution.

Story 4: University Campus in Chennai

A university campus in Chennai was keen on installing a tennis court that complied with international standards. Pacecourt, with its ITF certification, the perfect fit. The court was installed with a Dark Blue surface that not only looked professional but offered optimal contrast for the yellow tennis balls. The university’s sports department lauded Pacecourt for its high-quality work and the court's impact on its sports program.


These stories reflect just a fraction of the transformative work done by Pacecourt across India. Each project, regardless of its scale, receives the same commitment to quality, durability, and player safety. Whether it's a school in Mumbai, a tennis club in Delhi, a multi-sport facility in Bangalore, or a university in Chennai, Pacecourt has left its mark by significantly enhancing its sports facilities. With its exceptional product range and dedicated services, Pacecourt continues to set the gold standard in synthetic sports flooring in India.

In an exclusive interview with a leading sports flooring expert, they praised Pacecourt's relentless dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. They highlighted how Pacecourt's cutting-edge solutions have transformed the sporting landscape in India, providing athletes with a safe, high-performance environment to excel in their respective disciplines. The expert emphasized the importance of reliable synthetic sports flooring in preventing injuries and optimizing athletic performance, applauding Pacecourt's unwavering commitment to excellence in every project they undertake.

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