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Elevated Acrylic Surface Coating Standards In Kolkata

Revitalizing basketball court in Kolkatta

The Arena's basketball and badminton concrete courts were suffering from poor acrylic surface coating adhesion, leading to frequent peeling and fading. The humid climate of Kolkata was exacerbating the problem, requiring constant maintenance.

Pacecourt Solution

Neeraj Bannerjee consulted Pacecourt for a durable solution. Pacecourt recommended their Acrylic Concrete Primer, designed to enhance coating adhesion on concrete surfaces. Its concentrated, job-site dilutable formula was ideal for the large-scale application required at the Arena.


Following Pacecourt's instructions, the Arena's maintenance team applied the primer across all concrete courts. The primer provided a robust base layer, significantly improving the subsequent acrylic coating's adherence and longevity.

Post-application, the courts showed a marked improvement in the durability of the coatings, withstanding Kolkata's humidity much more effectively and reducing maintenance frequency.


Neeraj Bannerjee praised the effectiveness of the Acrylic Concrete Primer, noting its significant impact on reducing maintenance costs and improving the appearance and longevity of the courts. Revitalizing Kolkata's City Arena is a complex case but Pacecourt did it.

Final Remarks:

Here are some specific reasons why you might trust Pacecourt for your sports court materials, based on the information I found and considering potential counterpoints:

Quality and Performance:

  • International Standards: Pacecourt claims to manufacture its products by international quality standards. This implies adherence to established benchmarks for material properties, safety, and performance. However, it's worth checking which specific standards they follow for independent verification.
  • Durability and Safety: Their focus on durability and safety through features like non-slip surfaces is crucial for sports courts. Look for independent testing results or certifications to support these claims.
  • Playing Experience: Positive testimonials mention enhanced performance and consistent playing experience. While subjective, this suggests good court design and material properties. Consider the specific sports you'll play and research how Pacecourt courts perform in those sports.
  • Industry Leader: Being India's first indigenously designed brand for synthetic sports surfaces suggests experience and potentially innovative solutions. However, comparing their experience with established global players in the market Arena is possible with our superior services.

Elevating Acrylic Surface Coating Standards is possible by our products.

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