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Acrylic Concrete Primer Transforms Tennis And Volleyball Courts

Enhancing Sports Court Complex


The tennis and Volleyball Court at Ahmedabad Sports Complex faces deterioration of acrylic coatings due to the dry and hot climate, leading to cracks and uneven surfaces. They needed Acrylic Concrete Primer for their sport surface.

Pacecourt Solution:

Ishaan Patel, the owner of Ahmedabad Sports Complex, reached out to Pacecourt for a solution. Our experts told them to use their Acrylic Concrete Primer that improves adhesion on concrete surfaces. The primer's is a solution for the extensive area of the sports complex.


The maintenance team applied the primer meticulously, ensuring a consistent and strong base for the acrylic coatings, which greatly enhanced their durability and appearance.

The Ahmedabad tennis and Volleyball Court showed significant improvements in coating resilience and longevity, with a noticeable reduction in the need for frequent reapplication.


Ishaan Patel appreciated the efficacy of the Acrylic Concrete Primer, highlighting its role in enhancing the quality of the courts and reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Final Remarks:

The case study shows that if you want a smooth sports court surface; trust Pacecourt. Our company is known for its-

Product Quality and Performance:

  • High-quality materials: Pacecourt claims to use premium materials and adhere to international quality standards, ensuring durability and performance.
  • Safety: Their non-slip reduces the risk of injuries, which is crucial for athletes.
  • Performance enhancement: Their courts provide a consistent playing experience and optimal ball bounce, potentially improving your gameplay.
  • Customization: They offer a variety of colors and court sizes to suit your needs and preferences.
  • Warranty: They offer a 3-5 year warranty on their products, demonstrating confidence in their quality.

At Pacecourt, we offer extensive services to suit the customer needs. Our company offers ITF-certified products. Our portfolio of products includes Deep Patch and Concrete Primer, each one has the strength to remove the cracks, make the surface smooth, and enhance the player's experience. Contact us for immediate products, and advisory services. We are India's first indigenously designed brand for synthetic sports surfaces, suggesting experience and expertise. We supply materials internationally, indicating a wider customer base and potential brand recognition. If you want to change Tennis and Volleyball Court; talk to us.

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