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Resurfacing The Basketball Court at Athlete Games Bangalore

Redesign tennis court

Athlete Games, located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, a well-regarded basketball facility managed by Anu Sharma. The club known for its dedication to providing top-notch sports amenities and fostering a competitive and enjoyable basketball environment. They desired Basketball Court Enhancement. The challenge at Athlete games was to revitalize the aging basketball courts, which were suffering from faded lines, surface roughness, and general wear. The goal was not only Resurfacing The Basketball Court but also to improve their functionality for a better playing experience.

Pacecourt Solution:

Anu Sharma selected Pacecourt Color Coat for this critical renovation project. This innovative product, a wear-resistant 100% acrylic emulsion, notable for its vibrant pigments and premium polymers. Its environmentally safe formulation, devoid of asbestos, lead, or mercury, was a crucial consideration in its selection. The product's dual functionality as both a texture and finish coat, customizable with water and silica sand, offered the flexibility needed for a basketball court's specific surface requirements. The renovation process at Athlete Games executed with precision and attention to detail. The team first prepared the asphalt surfaces to ensure a smooth application of the Color Coat. Following the detailed guidelines provided by Pacecourt, the mixture prepared to achieve the ideal surface texture. The application was carried out uniformly across the courts, focusing on achieving a vibrant, even, and durable finish.


The transformation of the basketball courts was substantial. The new surfaces were visually appealing with their bright colors and sharp lines, significantly improving the courts' overall appearance. The customized surface texture enhanced the playing experience, providing better grip and consistent ball bounce, essential for high-quality basketball play.

Client Feedback:

Pacecourt Resurfacing The Basketball Court service was applauded by the client. Anu Sharma was happy with the results of the renovation, noting the enthusiastic response from the club's members and visitors. The use of Pacecourt Color Coat was lauded for its significant role in upgrading the basketball courts, reinforcing the club's status as a premier basketball venue in the region.

Final Remarks:

This case study demonstrates the versatility and effectiveness of Pacecourt Color Coat in enhancing basketball court surfaces. The project at Athlete Games not only revitalized the appearance of the courts but also significantly improved their playability and durability. This renovation underscores the product's ability to meet the specific demands of basketball courts. Contact us for Resurfacing The Basketball Court.

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