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Outdoor Basketball Court Repair at Arena, Bangalore

Renew tennis court

Arena is a prominent basketball club in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The club recognized for its excellent sports facilities and dedication to fostering a high-quality playing environment. They desired Outdoor Basketball Court Repair. The club's basketball courts, primarily made of asphalt, experiencing significant wear, including fading, surface irregularities, and overall aging. These issues were impacting both the playability of the courts and the satisfaction of the players.

Pacecourt Solution:

To address these challenges, Manav Roy chose Pacecourt Color Coat for the Basketball Court Refurbishment. This 100% acrylic emulsion, characterized by its wear resistance and contains vibrant pigments and superior polymers in a concentrated formula. Its eco-friendly composition, free of asbestos, lead, and mercury, made it an ideal choice. The product’s ability to be used as both a texture and finish coat, adjustable with water and silica sand, allows for customization of the court’s surface to suit specific basketball requirements. The refurbishment at Arena, meticulously organized. The asphalt surfaces of the courts were thoroughly prepared, ensuring an optimal base for the Color Coat. The maintenance team, following the precise mixing and application instructions from Pacecourt, applied the product evenly across the courts. The focus on achieving a consistent texture and vibrant finish.


The outdoor basketball court services led to a significant transformation of the basketball courts. The new surfaces were visually striking, with a refreshed color and clear markings. The customized texture provided improved grip and a consistent playing experience, enhancing the quality of basketball games. The durable nature of the coating also suggested a longer lifespan for the courts.

Client Feedback:

Manav Roy expressed great satisfaction with the outcome, highlighting the positive feedback from players and club members. The application of Pacecourt Color Coat, recognized as a key factor in elevating the playing conditions and maintaining the club's reputation as a leading basketball facility in Bangalore.

Final Remarks:

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of Pacecourt Color Coat in renovating basketball court surfaces. The project at Arena showcases how the product not only enhanced the courts' aesthetic appeal but also their playability and durability. The successful implementation underscores the product's adaptability to meet the specific demands of basketball court surfaces, contributing to the club's ongoing commitment to excellence in sports facilities. Contact us for outdoor basketball court repair services.

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