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Basketball Court Paint Did Wonders at Hoops Arena, Bangalore

Renovation of basketball court

HoopsArena Basketball Club, is a leading basketball facility in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. They desired a Basketball Court Renovation. The basketball courts at HoopsArena, constructed with standard asphalt, had started showing signs of wear and tear. Issues such as fading markings, surface roughness, and general aging were hindering the quality of play and player satisfaction. They needed basketball court paint to even out the surface.

Pacecourt Solution:

In pursuit of Basketball Court Renovation, Vikram Mehta selected Pacecourt Color Coat. This product, a wear-resistant 100% acrylic emulsion, composed of brilliant pigments and high-quality polymers in a highly concentrated form. It's environmentally friendly and free from asbestos, lead, or mercury. The product is versatile, serving as both texture and finish coat. It can be customized by adjusting the mix with water or silica sand to achieve the desired surface texture and speed of play, making it an ideal choice for basketball court surfaces. The renovation process at HoopsArena Basketball Club, carefully planned and executed. The maintenance team meticulously prepared the asphalt surfaces, ensuring they were clean, smooth, and ready for resurfacing. Following Pacecourt's guidelines, they mixed the Color Coat with the appropriate proportions of water and silica sand to achieve the desired texture. The application conducted with precision, resulting in a refreshed, vibrant, and even playing surface.


The application of acrylic sports court coating, significantly transformed the basketball courts at HoopsArena. The courts now boasted a vibrant color with clear, distinct markings, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and the functionality of the playing surface. The tailored texture provided a better grip and a more consistent bounce, improving the overall play quality.

Client Feedback:

Vikram Mehta was highly satisfied with the results, noting the positive reactions from club members and players. The application of Pacecourt Color Coat played a crucial role in upgrading the quality of the basketball courts, thereby enhancing player experience and maintaining the club's reputation as a top basketball venue in Bangalore.

Final Remarks:

This case study highlights the effectiveness of Pacecourt Color Coat in revamping basketball court surfaces. The successful implementation at HoopsArena Basketball Club demonstrates the product's ability to not only improve the aesthetic and functional aspects of sports surfaces but also to adapt to the specific needs of different sports, contributing to the club’s excellence in sports facilities. Contact us for basketball court paint services.

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