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Tennis Court Restoration at Rohit’s Tennis Club in Bangalore

Improve Color Fading of Basketball Court

Rohit’s Tennis Club, located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, stands out as a top-tier tennis facility. The club, renowned for its exceptional tennis courts and dedication to providing an elite playing experience, desired for Tennis Court Restoration. The primary goal was to revitalize the tennis courts, ensuring they not only met but exceeded contemporary standards for aesthetics and playability. The existing courts required Tennis Court Restoration that encompassed both visual enhancement and functional improvement.

Pacecourt Solution:

The club decided upon Pacecourt Color Coat for this significant undertaking. This high-grade 100% acrylic emulsion celebrated for its durability and includes vivid pigments and robust polymers. The absence of environmentally harmful substances like asbestos, lead, or mercury in its formulation was a key factor in its selection. The product's dual capability as a texture and finish coat allowed for the customizing of the courts' surface to suit specific playing preferences and speeds.The application process conducted with detailed precision. The tennis courts thoroughly prepped to provide an ideal base for the Color Coat application. Following Pacecourt's precise instructions, the Rohit’s Tennis Club maintenance team mixed the coating to achieve the desired court texture and consistency. The meticulous application ensured a uniform and high-quality finish on all the tennis courts.


The upgrade resulted in a significant transformation of the tennis courts. The vibrant, consistent color of the courts markedly improved their visual appeal, creating a more inviting and professional environment. The tailored surface texture enhanced the courts' playability, providing a balance of grip and smoothness conducive to high-level tennis play. Additionally, the durable nature of the coating indicated a longer lifespan and reduced future maintenance needs for the courts.

Client Feedback:

Rohit, along with the club members, were extremely pleased with the outcome. The rejuvenated courts were well-received, with members appreciating the improved aesthetics and enhanced playing conditions. The strategic choice to use Pacecourt Color Coat was acknowledged as crucial in maintaining the club's esteemed status.

Final Remarks:

This case study exemplifies the efficacy of Pacecourt Color Coat in tennis court renovations. The project at Rohit’s Tennis Club not only rejuvenated the courts visually but also significantly improved their functionality. The endeavor highlights the product's versatility and efficiency in meeting the demands of a high-end sports facility, reinforcing the club's reputation as a premium tennis destination.

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