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Tennis Court Painting Done at Era Stadium, Bangalore

Color Fading Problem of Basketball Court

Era Stadium, a highly acclaimed tennis club in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The club celebrated for its superior tennis courts and facilities, attracting a broad spectrum of tennis players. They desired for Tennis Court Painting. The challenge at Era Stadium was twofold: to enhance the visual appeal of the tennis courts and to improve their functional performance. The existing courts required Tennis Court Redesign to meet the evolving standards of modern tennis play and to ensure player satisfaction.

Pacecourt Solution:

The club opted for Pacecourt Color Coat, a superior 100% acrylic emulsion, renowned for its wear resistance and composed of brilliantly vibrant pigments and high-quality polymers. The product's eco-friendly composition, free from asbestos, lead, or mercury, a crucial factor in its selection. Its dual application as both texture and finish coat offered the flexibility to customize the courts' surface texture and speed of play, an essential aspect for a tennis facility of Era Stadium caliber. The application process strategically planned and executed. The tennis courts first meticulously prepared, ensuring a flawless base for the Color Coat. The Era Stadium maintenance team, adhering to Pacecourt's specifications, mixed the product to meet the exact requirements of the club's courts. The application performed with utmost precision, ensuring uniform coverage and optimal finish quality across all courts.


Post-renovation, the tennis court underwent a profound transformation. The vivid and uniform appearance of the courts significantly elevated their aesthetic appeal, creating an inviting and professional atmosphere. The custom-tailored surface texture led to improved playability, with enhanced grip and responsiveness that positively influenced the game dynamics. Besides, the enhanced durability of the coating promised extended longevity and reduced maintenance needs for the courts.

Client Feedback:

Mr.Mohit and the club's members were highly impressed with our tennis court painting services. The refreshed courts received widespread acclaim for their improved aesthetics and functionality. The decision to utilize Pacecourt Color Coat was praised as a strategic move in reinforcing the club's reputation as a leading tennis facility.

Final Remarks:

This case study illustrates the successful application of Pacecourt Color Coat in revamping tennis court surfaces. At Era Stadium, the product not only revitalized the courts aesthetically. But also brought significant functional enhancements, aligning with the club's commitment to providing a top-tier tennis experience. The project showcases the product's adaptability and efficacy in meeting the high standards of a premium sports facility. Contact Us for tennis court painting requirements.

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