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Comprehensive Tennis Court Maintenance Done at Decco Club

Revitalization of basketball court

Decco, located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, renowned for its high-standard tennis facilities and expertly managed by Rohit Kumar. The club has a reputation for excellence in providing top-tier tennis experiences. They desired Tennis Court Enhancement. The tennis courts at Decco needed a comprehensive Tennis Court Maintenance The requirement was not just aesthetic enhancement but also an improvement in functional aspects to elevate the overall quality of gameplay and ensure the longevity of the courts.

Pacecourt Solution:

For this critical task, Decco selected Pacecourt Color Coat. This innovative product, 100% acrylic emulsion, notable for its wear resistance and composed of vibrant pigments and robust polymers. The absence of harmful substances like asbestos, lead, or mercury makes it an eco-friendly choice. The product's unique feature is its dual role as both a texture and finish coat, which can be customized to the desired surface texture and play speed by adjusting the mix with water and silica sand. The renovation process initiated with meticulous planning. The courts were first prepped to ensure a flawless base for the application of the Color Coat. Following the precise guidelines provided by Pacecourt, the Decco maintenance team carefully mixed the product to achieve the optimal texture and consistency for the courts. The application was thorough and uniform, ensuring a high-quality finish across all courts.


Post-application, the tennis courts underwent a dramatic transformation. The vibrant color of the new surfaces significantly boosted their visual appeal, making the courts more attractive and inviting. The enhanced surface texture improved the courts' playability, offering players a better balance between grip and responsiveness. Furthermore, the durability imparted by the coating ensured that the courts would remain in excellent condition for a longer period.

Client Feedback:

Rohit Kumar was immensely pleased with our tennis court maintenance. The club members and visitors alike were impressed with the rejuvenated courts, appreciating both their enhanced appearance and improved playability. The use of Pacecourt Color Coating services are widely acknowledged as a vital decision in maintaining and elevating the club's high standards.

Final Remarks:

This case study highlights the effectiveness of Pacecourt Color Coat in revitalizing and upgrading tennis court surfaces. The comprehensive approach taken at Decco Tennis Club resulted in not only aesthetic improvements but also functional enhancements that benefited the players and extended the lifespan of the courts. This project stands as a testament to the product's capability to meet the demanding requirements of a premium sports facility. Contact us for tennis court maintenance services.

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