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Tennis Court Upgrade Performed at AceRally, Bangalorete

Upgradation of Badminton Court

AceRally Tennis Club, a premier tennis facility in Bangalore, Karnataka, India is known for its commitment to high-quality sports infrastructure. They desired for Enhancement of Tennis Courts. The tennis courts at AceRally, while structurally sound, required an aesthetic and functional upgrade. The need was for Tennis Court Upgrade that could not only refresh the appearance of the courts but also improve the playability and durability of the surfaces.

Pacecourt Solution:

The club chose Pacecourt Color Coat, a wear-resistant, 100% acrylic emulsion. Known for its vibrant pigments and superior quality polymers, Pacecourt Color Coat, a highly concentrated formulation free from asbestos, lead, or mercury. A key advantage of this product is its versatility in serving as both a texture and finish coat. By adjusting the mix with water and/or silica sand, it's possible to tailor the surface texture and speed of play to specific requirements. The application process at AceRally Tennis Club carefully planned. The maintenance team made tennis court modifications, thus ensuring a clean and smooth base for the Color Coat. Following Pacecourt’s guidelines, they mixed the Color Coat with the appropriate amounts of water and silica sand to achieve the desired texture and consistency. The product was then evenly applied to the courts, transforming their surface into one that was both visually appealing and optimized for tennis play.


The application of Pacecourt Color Coat significantly elevated the appearance and functionality of the tennis courts at AceRally. The vibrant, uniform surfaces offered improved visibility and aesthetics. The tailored texture enhanced the speed and quality of play, providing an optimal balance between grip and smoothness. Additionally, the courts' new coating added a layer of durability, ensuring longer-lasting quality.

Client Feedback:

Anjali Rao expressed immense satisfaction with the tennis court upgrade. The club members appreciated the refreshed look and the improved playing conditions. The use of Pacecourt Color Coat was seen as a strategic decision in upholding the club's reputation for excellent sports facilities.

Final Remarks:

This case study demonstrates the versatility and effectiveness of Pacecourt Color Coat in upgrading tennis court surfaces. At AceRally Tennis Club, the product not only enhanced the courts' visual appeal but also contributed to better playability and durability, affirming the club’s status as a top-notch tennis destination. Contact us for tennis court upgrade.

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