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PowerSpike: Volleyball Court Painting Renews Experience

Then and Now Badminton Court

PowerSpike Volleyball Center, located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The center, acclaimed for its top-notch volleyball facilities and commitment to enhancing player experiences. They desired Volleyball Court Revitalization. The volleyball courts at PowerSpike were facing significant challenges due to extensive use. Issues like surface wear, faded court lines, and reduced traction were adversely affecting gameplay quality. The goal was Volleyball Court painting to improve their aesthetic appeal, enhance playing conditions, and ensure their longevity.

Pacecourt Solution:

Deepa Singh selected NetJump ProCoat for this extensive refurbishment project. NetJump ProCoat, a high-performance, wear-resistant acrylic coating known for its bright, lasting pigments and robust polymer content. Its eco-friendly composition, free from hazardous substances like lead and mercury, was a critical factor in its choice. The product's dual functionality as both a base and finish coat, customizable with different mix ratios, allowed for the tailoring of court surfaces to meet specific volleyball play requirements. The renovation process at PowerSpike Volleyball Center meticulously planned and executed. The team first prepared the existing court surfaces to ensure an ideal base for the ProCoat application by Pacecourt. Following NetJump's comprehensive guidelines, the mixture was prepared to achieve the desired court texture and consistency. The application uniformly conducted across the courts, focusing on a vibrant, even, and resilient finish.


The renovation led to a remarkable transformation of the volleyball courts. The new surfaces were visually striking, with renewed color vibrancy and clear, sharp lines enhancing the courts' aesthetic appeal. The customized surface texture significantly improved the playability of the courts, offering better grip and consistent ball response, crucial for high-quality volleyball play. The durability of the new coating also indicated extended court longevity and lower maintenance needs.

Client Feedback:

Deepa Singh was highly satisfied with the results, echoed by the positive responses from club members and players. The use of NetJump ProCoat was recognized as essential in elevating the center's volleyball facilities to a higher standard. Our volleyball court painting played an important role in overhauling client's experience.

Final Remarks:

This case study illustrates the effectiveness of NetJump ProCoat in the renovation of volleyball court surfaces. The project at PowerSpike Volleyball Center showcases how the product not only revitalized the appearance of the courts but also enhanced their functionality and durability. This renovation underscores the product's adaptability and efficiency in meeting the specific demands of volleyball courts, contributing significantly to the center's reputation for providing excellent sports facilities. Contact us for the best volleyball court painting services.

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