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Color Coating Basketball Court at Minar Club, Bangalore

Enhancement of Tennis Court

Minar Club, situated in the sports-centric city of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. This club distinguished for its high-quality basketball courts and a hub for basketball enthusiasts, desiring for the Revitalization of Basketball Courts. The basketball courts at Minar Club, face substantial wear, characterized by fading markings, rough surfaces, and general deterioration. The requirement was a comprehensive solution that would not only restore the courts’ appearance but also enhance their playability and durability which done by Revitalization of Basketball Courts.

Pacecourt Solution:

Rahul Gupta opted for Pacecourt Color Coat for this extensive refurbishment project. This product, a top-tier 100% acrylic emulsion known for its durability, vibrant pigments, and superior polymers. Its eco-friendly nature, free from hazardous substances like asbestos, lead, or mercury, made it a conscientious choice. The ability of Pacecourt Color Coat functions as both a texture and finish coat, adjustable via water and silica sand mix, allowing for customization according to the basketball court’s specific needs. The refurbishment at Minar Club meticulously planned. The process began with a thorough preparation of the asphalt surfaces, ensuring an optimal base for the Color Coat application. The maintenance team, guided by Pacecourt's detailed instructions, prepared the mix to achieve the precise texture required for basketball play. The application process was uniform and thorough, aiming for a consistent and high-quality finish.


After color coating Basketball Court there was a remarkable transformation of the basketball courts. The new vibrant and uniform surfaces significantly uplifted the aesthetic appeal of the courts, making them visually stimulating and professional. The surface texture, customized for basketball play, offered improved grip and consistent ball bounce, enhancing the gameplay experience. The durability of the new coating also indicated a longer lifespan for the courts, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Client Feedback:

Rahul Gupta was extremely satisfied with the renovation, echoing the positive sentiments of the club members and players. The rejuvenation of the courts with Pacecourt Color Coat was recognized as a key factor in enhancing the quality and appeal of the basketball facilities at Minar Club.

Final Remarks:

This case study illustrates the effectiveness of Pacecourt Color Coat in the comprehensive Revitalization of Basketball Courts. At Minar Club, the product not only revitalized the courts’ appearance but also significantly improved their functionality and longevity. This project highlights the product's adaptability and efficacy in meeting the specific needs of basketball courts, reinforcing the club's commitment to maintaining facilities. Contact Us for Color Coating Basketball Court.

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