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Leveling up of Basketball Court at HoopsArena

Tennis Court Transformation

HoopsArena Basketball Club in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. A renowned basketball club known for its excellent facilities and vibrant playing environment desired for Enhancement of Basketball Courts. The basketball courts at HoopsArena needed a comprehensive upgrade to address fading, surface roughness, and overall wear and tear. The goal was leveling up basketball court, enhance their aesthetic appeal, improve playability, and extend their durability.

Pacecourt Solution:

Rahul Gupta chose Pacecourt Color Coat for this significant renovation task. This high-quality 100% acrylic emulsion characterized by its excellent wear resistance, vibrant pigments, and robust polymers. Its eco-friendly composition, being free from asbestos, lead, or mercury, a crucial factor in its selection. The unique property of the product, allowing it to serve as both a texture and finish coat, provided the flexibility to tailor the court surfaces to specific requirements, vital for basketball gameplay. The refurbishment at HoopsArena Basketball Club, was strategically executed. The team started with an in-depth preparation of the existing asphalt surfaces. Following Pacecourt’s specific guidelines, the product mixed to achieve the desired consistency and texture for basketball courts. The application was uniform, focusing on achieving a vibrant, even, and durable finish on all the courts.


The leveling up of basketball court project was done meticulously by Pacecourt. The application of Pacecourt Color Coat led to a significant transformation of the basketball courts. The refreshed, bright surfaces enhanced the visual appeal of the courts, creating an engaging and professional atmosphere. The adjusted surface texture improved the playing experience, offering better ball control and consistent bounce, key factors in basketball. The durability of the new surface also suggested a longer lifespan for the courts, reducing future maintenance requirements.

Client Feedback:

Vikram Mehta was thoroughly satisfied with the renovation results, and the feedback from players and club members was overwhelmingly positive. The decision to use Pacecourt Color Coat was seen as pivotal in elevating the club's basketball facilities to a higher standard. Pacecourt's approach to client coordination is excellent.

Final Remarks:

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of Pacecourt Color Coat in revitalizing basketball court surfaces. The project at HoopsArena Enhancement of Basketball Courts showcases how the product not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the courts but also their playability and longevity. The successful implementation underscores the product's versatility and effectiveness in meeting the specific demands of basketball courts, contributing significantly to the club's reputation for high-quality sports facilities.

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