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Leveling Sports Surface Of Springfield High School

Basketball Court Modernization


Springfield High School is a prominent educational institution with a strong focus on sports`, had deteriorated over time. The surface showed extensive cracking and unevenness, which not only compromised the quality of the game but also posed safety risks to the students. Desired for Basketball Court Modernization. The Leveling Sports Surface solution was something they required for to remove the flaws.

Pacecourt Solution:

Seeking an effective and lasting solution, Springfield High School reached out to Pacecourt. After a detailed assessment, Pacecourt recommended their Deep Patch product, well-suited for repairing and revitalizing sports surfaces, particularly in high-use scenarios like a school basketball court. Pacecourt's experts trained the school's maintenance crew on using Deep Patch properly, emphasizing the importance of patience due to its drying process. The crew cleaned the court, filled cracks, and applied Deep Patch, achieving a smooth finish. This slower drying approach ensured a durable repair, with minimal impact on the school's sports activities. Our Leveling Sports Surface services proved to be optimal for them.


The renovation dramatically improved the condition of the basketball court. The once-damaged surface became uniform and safe, greatly enhancing the playing experience. The school reported a significant increase in court usage and satisfaction among students and faculty.

Client Feedback:

The administration of Springfield High School expressed their gratitude towards Pacecourt for their exceptional product and support. They were particularly impressed by the durability and quality of the Deep Patch, which not only fixed the immediate issues but also provided a long-term solution for the basketball court.

Final Remarks:

This example shows how good Pacecourt is at fixing sports areas in schools. They made the basketball court at Springfield High School much better with their Deep Patch product, even though many people use it. This also explains why you shouldn't go for cheap basketball court builders – they can't match the quality that Pacecourt offers. Contact Pacecourt for leveling sport surface solution. With our products, your basketball court would witness a magical and modernized makeover.

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