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Deep Patch: The Ultimate Undulation Solution

Deep patch

Are you familiar with the word undulation? This article will explain the new deep-patch product from Pacecourt and how it can help fill undulations or balance bases. Let's start by defining what an undulation is. If the basis for flooring is made incorrectly, it can result in undulation, which is an unbalanced shape on the base brought on by the storage of rainwater in one place. These days, many customers are experiencing undulation, which indicates that this is a prevalent problem. Since Pacecourt is concerned with all of its clients' difficulties, customers no longer need to worry about their base. Pacecourt has developed a new product called the Deep Patch, the best solution for undulation; simply order a Deep Patch and apply it; your undulation will balanced. As seen in this image, they are applying a deep patch to ensure the best flooring base. 

You can also watch the full video to see how the pacecourt self-leveling material "deep patch" created and how they used it. The Deep Patch designed for undulation, which serves to balance the unbalanced surface of any type of sports surface. It can applied to both new and existing asphalt or concrete recreational surfaces. 


Deep Patch comes with a bucket weighing 20 kg at a reasonable price. Pacecourt has 100 % satisfied buyers who have purchased this product multiple times. You can contact us through our website, and our experts will help you with explaining your query. If you order Deep Patch, it will delivered the same day, You can order it directly from our website

Every customer can easily handle 20 kg, and if they wish to purchase one, two, or many more buckets, they may do it in their own vehicle, saving money on transportation. Additionally, there are no leaks because every Pacecourt product packaged in a sealed manner so that it is simple for you to carry your supplies safely to your destination, and if your transportation is unavailable at the time, Pacecourt will provide you with transportation from their end. 

Mixing Ratio 

This mixing ratio will help you understand which ingredients to use and in what quantities. You can watch this video to see how they make a deep patch. 

  • Deep Patch - 20KG
  • Water - 1 Litre 
  • Silica Sand - 60KG
  • Cement - 15KG 

Key Features 

  • 100% Acrylic polymer composition 
  • Low viscosity emulsion that offers enhanced strength, durability, and adhesion of cement-Based products and Bitumen Surfaces.
  • Suitable for external spray applied and patching applications. 
  • Excellent long-term durability, water resistance, and resistance to hydrolysis. 
  • Offers improved water resistance of renders. 

Buy Back Facility

Pacecourt offers a buyback service to their customers; let us now discuss what this involves. If you order two 20 kg buckets for your site and only use one box of a deep patch and the other bucket is a sealed pack, you can return your material to pacecourt and receive a refund for one bucket. Additionally, there is no minimum order requirement, so you are free to order as many buckets as you like without any restrictions. 

Purchase this product, which contains the ultimate solution to your problem, and visit our website for more information.

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