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Deep Patch Product for Uneven Tennis Court Surface

Installing Tennis Court


Deep Patch product solved the problem of a newly established sports club in a suburban area. Shortly after its premier tennis court was completed, the club faced significant surface irregularities. These included uneven areas and small depressions, which affected the court's playability and raised safety concerns for players. The club's management was keen on a quick and effective solution to avoid disrupting their schedule of events and tournaments.

Pacecourt Solution:

The club reached out to Pacecourt for a professional assessment. Pacecourt's team quickly identified the issues as being due to the settling of the underlying materials and minor construction flaws. To remedy this, they recommended the use of Pacecourt Deep Patch Solution, a product specifically designed for repairing and leveling tennis court surfaces. Pacecourt's experts guided the club's maintenance team through the application process. The Deep Patch material mixed according to the specifications and applied to the affected areas. Its high-quality formulation allowed for easy application, strong adhesion to the existing surface, and a smooth finish after drying. The process completed efficiently, minimizing downtime for the court.


The application of Pacecourt Deep Patch Product effectively resolved the surface irregularities, creating a uniform and safe playing surface. The club noticed an immediate improvement in the playability of the court. Members expressed satisfaction with the quick resolution, and the club was able to resume its events and tournaments without further delay.

Client Feedback

The club's management praised Pacecourt for their prompt response, expert advice, and the effectiveness of the Deep Patch product. They reported a significant improvement in player experience and expressed their intention to rely on Pacecourt for future maintenance and surface repair needs.

Final Remarks:

This case highlights Pacecourt's expertise in addressing and resolving specific issues related to sports court surfaces. Their Deep Patch product proved to be an efficient and reliable solution for tennis court repairs, reinforcing Pacecourt's reputation as a provider of high-quality sports surface materials and solutions.

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