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Advancing With Tennis Court Cushion At Starlight Tennis Center

Cushion Coat

Starlight Tennis Center, a state-of-the-art tennis facility in Bangalore, Karnataka, was constructed of asphalt and concrete court that was hard on players' lower extremities, leading to complaints of discomfort and fatigue, especially during long matches or training sessions. So there was a need to Implement the tennis court cushion coating to improve the gameplay.

Pacecourt Solution:

Priya Krishnan, the owner of Starlight Tennis Center sought an innovative solution to enhance player comfort and the overall playing experience. Pacecourt's Cushion Coat system, known for its resilience and multi-layered application, chosen. This system is designed to reduce shock to the lower extremities, providing a more comfortable playing surface.

The Starlight Tennis Center's maintenance team, following Pacecourt's guidelines, prepared the court surfaces meticulously before applying the Cushion Coat system. Special attention given to ensure that each layer of the multi-layered system, applied correctly to achieve the desired cushioning effect.


The application of the Pacecourt Cushion Coat transformed the playing experience on the courts. Players noticed a significant reduction in discomfort and fatigue, attributing this to the new cushioned surface. The system also enhanced the overall aesthetics of the courts, making them more appealing to club members.


Priya Krishnan was delighted with the outcome. She reported increased player satisfaction and observed that the courts are now being used more frequently for longer periods. The Cushion Coat system not only met but exceeded her expectations in providing a comfortable and enjoyable playing experience.

Final Remarks:

This case study illustrates the effectiveness of Implementing Pacecourt Cushion Coat in enhancing the quality of sports surfaces, particularly for facilities aiming to improve player comfort and experience. The successful implementation at Starlight Tennis Center in Bangalore demonstrates the system's suitability for tennis courts, ensuring a high-quality, resilient, and player-friendly playing surface. Choosе Pacеcourt Cushion Coat for your sporting facility and еlеvatе thе gaming еxpеriеncе to nеw hеights.

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