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Sports Surface Coatings Implementation At Urban Hoops, Mumbai

Revitalizing basketball court


The basketball arena, Urban Hoops in Mumbai, Maharashtra was experiencing fast degradation of their sports surface coatings. Mumbai's coastal climate, characterized by high humidity and salty air, was causing the acrylic coatings to peel and fade rapidly. It was impacting both the appearance and functionality of the courts.


Looking for an effective and durable solution, Rajeev Nair reached out to Pacecourt. We recommended the Acrylic Concrete Primer, a product designed to significantly improve the adhesion of acrylic coatings to concrete surfaces, which was ideal for the challenging environmental conditions of Mumbai.


Following Pacecourt's instructions, the Urban Hoops maintenance team carefully applied the concrete primer, appreciating its on-site dilution capability for covering the extensive basketball courts. This step guaranteed a solid adherence between the concrete base and the acrylic layers, highlighting the importance of guidance in applying concrete primer. That's how Renewing the basketball arena of Urban Hoops happened.

The application of the primer greatly enhanced the durability of the court surfaces. The frequency of maintenance decreased, and the courts maintained their vibrancy and functionality despite Mumbai's harsh climate.


Rajeev Nair expressed his satisfaction with the Pacecourt Acrylic Concrete Primer, noting its significant impact in extending the life of the basketball courts and reducing the facility's maintenance costs.


This case study showcases the key role of Pacecourt Acrylic Concrete Primer in improving the longevity and visual appeal of basketball courts, especially in humid and coastal settings, also the Sports Surface Coatings at Urban Hoops basketball court in Mumbai is a prime example of how this primer is crucial for boosting the performance of sports facilities under various weather conditions. Renewing the basketball arena has significantly improved play quality, ensuring player safety, better performance, and a visually appealing setting. This underscores why concrete primer is important to use, highlighting Pacecourt as the top choice for superior sports flooring solutions.

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