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Tennis Court Resurfacing At Indrapuram Tennis Academy, UP

Upgrading Tennis Court In Indirapuram

Indrapuram Tennis Academy, a prominent tennis training facility in Indrapuram, Uttar Pradesh, India, had an asphalt tennis court. The court was causing discomfort and fatigue to players, particularly impacting their lower extremities due to the hard surface. It was impacting the players' endurance and performance, especially during intensive training sessions and matches. These are the problems faced by the tennis court. So, the Tennis Court Resurfacing was required.

Pacecourt Solution:

Looking to enhance the playing experience and comfort, Rajat Gupta consulted with Pacecourt for a solution. Pacecourt suggested their Cushion Coat system, a resilient, multi-layered application designed to reduce shock and increase comfort on tennis court surfaces.


The Indrapuram Tennis Academy's maintenance crew meticulously prepared the asphalt courts, before the application of the Pacecourt Cushion Coat system. They followed a precise, step-by-step process to ensure each layer of the cushioning system was applied correctly. It further created an optimal playing surface.

The installation of the Cushion Coat system significantly improved the comfort and playability experience of the courts. Players experienced a noticeable decrease in discomfort and fatigue, allowing for longer, more enjoyable playing sessions. The system also contributed to the overall aesthetic and functional enhancement of the courts.


Rajat Gupta was very happy with the transformation. He noted an increase in player satisfaction and performance, along with positive feedback from the academy's members. The Cushion Coat system was praised for its effective shock absorption and contribution to a better playing experience.

Final Remarks:

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of Pacecourt Cushion Coat in upgrading Tennis Court surfaces, particularly in terms of player comfort and experience. The successful Tennis Court Resurfacing at Indrapuram Tennis Academy highlights the product's suitability for enhancing sports facilities, ensuring a high-quality, comfortable, and enjoyable playing environment. Elеvatе your tеnnis court with Pacеcourt and еxpеriеncе thе diffеrеncе firsthand. Contact us today and let us transform your tеnnis court into a world-class facility!

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