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Sports Surface Maintenance For Chennai Badminton Academy

Transformation of Badminton Academy

Rising Star Badminton Academy in Chennai, was experiencing severe surface degradation due to Chennai's humid climate and constant use. The surface had become riddled with cracks and small depressions, affecting the bounce of the shuttlecock and posing injury risks to players. Hence, they were searching for sports surface maintenance company.

Pacecourt Solution

Looking for a durable and effective solution, Rahul Srivastava approached Pacecourt for their expertise in court surfacing. Pacecourt recommended their Deep Patch product, a robust solution designed for repairing and leveling sports surfaces, particularly in high-humidity areas like Chennai. Pacecourt provided detailed instructions on surface preparation and Deep Patch application. The academy's maintenance team diligently applied the product, focusing on filling the cracks and smoothing out the uneven areas. The Deep Patch’s advanced formula was ideal for withstanding Chennai’s tropical weather, ensuring a durable and reliable court surface.


Post-application, the court's surface was remarkably improved. The Deep Patch effectively restored the court, providing a smooth, even surface that enhanced the gameplay and safety. The academy observed a noticeable improvement in the court's performance, receiving commendations from players and visiting teams.

Client Feedback

Rahul Srivastava expressed his satisfaction with the Pacecourt Deep Patch, noting its ease of application and effectiveness in the challenging Chennai climate. He appreciated the significant improvement in the court's condition, which helped maintain the academy's reputation for excellence.

Final Remarks

This case study underscores Pacecourt's ability to provide tailored solutions for sports surface repair in various climatic conditions. The refurbishment of the badminton court at Rising Star Badminton Academy in Chennai, under the guidance of Rahul Srivastava, highlights the adaptability and effectiveness of Pacecourt's Deep Patch in restoring and maintaining high-standard sports facilities. You can contact us to avail of the best sports surface maintenance services . Our products stand test of time and will never disappoint you.

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