Undulated Sports Surface Solution For Sports Complex, Goa

Volleyball Court at Sunshine Sports

Volleyball Court at Sunshine Sports Complex, a prominent recreational facility in Goa, India. The complex's outdoor volleyball court was showing signs of wear and tear. Continuous exposure to Goa's coastal climate, combined with heavy usage, had resulted in surface damage, including cracks, uneven patches, and loose material. These issues were not only affecting the gameplay but also posing potential safety hazards for players. Hence, they required undulated sports surface solution to fix it.

Pacecourt Solution

In need of a robust solution, the management of Sunshine Sports Complex consulted Pacecourt. Pacecourt recommended their Deep Patch product, known for its ability to effectively repair and level outdoor sports surfaces, particularly those exposed to harsh weather conditions like those in Goa. Under the guidance of Pacecourt's experts, the complex's maintenance team prepared the volleyball court and applied the Deep Patch. The team paid special attention to filling the cracks and ensuring a uniformly smooth surface. The Deep Patch’s composition proved to be the ultimate undulated sports solution. It was particularly suitable for the humid, salty air of Goa, offering durability and a reliable playing surface.


The renovation transformed the volleyball court. The once damaged and uneven surface became smooth and consistent, significantly improving the quality of play and safety. The sports complex observed an increased interest in volleyball activities and received positive feedback from both local and visiting players.

Client Feedback

The management at Sunshine Sports Complex was highly impressed with the effectiveness of the Pacecourt Deep Patch. They appreciated the product's ability to withstand the challenging Goa climate and its contribution to enhancing the overall quality of their sports facility.

Final Remark

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