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Sports Court Acrylic Adhesion Techniques Execution At Hyderabad

Revitalization of sports court


Prestige Sports Club, a prominent sports facility in Hyderabad, Telangana, India was facing frequent issues with sports court acrylic adhesion due to Hyderabad's hot and arid climate. The surface coatings were cracking and peeling at an accelerated rate, impacting the aesthetics and functionality of the courts.

Pacecourt Solution:

Niharika Singh, owner of Prestige Sports Club, Hyderabad approached Pacecourt for a durable solution. We offered them the Acrylic Concrete Primer. It improved the adhesion of acrylic coatings on concrete surfaces. It turned out to be a perfect product for the extreme weather conditions in Hyderabad.


The Tennis Court in Hyderabad maintenance team followed Pacecourt's instructions and applied the primer across the tennis courts. This foundational step ensured enhanced adhesion and longevity of the acrylic coatings, offering a smooth and consistent playing surface.

After the application of the primer, the courts showed a significant improvement in the durability and appearance of the coatings. It resulted in a notable reduction in maintenance requirements.


Niharika Singh was very pleased with the performance of the Pacecourt Acrylic Concrete Primer, particularly its ability to withstand the harsh Hyderabad climate and reduce the frequency of resurfacing.

Final Remarks:

This case study highlights the effectiveness of Pacecourt Acrylic Concrete Primer in enhancing the longevity and playability of tennis court surfaces in challenging climatic conditions. The successful implementation of sports court acrylic adhesion at Prestige Sports Club in Hyderabad demonstrates the primer's suitability for high-traffic sports facilities, ensuring durable and high-quality playing surfaces.

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