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Experience Smooth Sports Surface At Net Smasher, Bangalore

Badminton Court Challenges

Badminton Play at Net Smasher in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, was showing signs of aging and causing discomfort and fatigue among players. The hard surface was impacting player performance during practice and matches, and there were growing concerns about player satisfaction and safety. They needed smooth sports surface.

Pacecourt Solution:

Determined to provide an upgraded playing experience, Priya Reddy sought a solution. Pacecourt's Cushion Coat system, reduce shock and provide added comfort on hard court surfaces. It is an ideal solution for the center's wooden courts.

The maintenance team at Net Smashers Badminton Center carefully followed Pacecourt's application guidelines. They prepared the wooden courts and applied the Cushion Coat system. Each layer was evenly distributed to create a consistent and effective playing surface.


The installation of the Cushion Coat system brought about a significant transformation in the badminton courts. Players reported reduced fatigue and discomfort, resulting in longer and more enjoyable practice sessions and matches. The courts also showed improved resistance to wear and tear, contributing to their longevity.


Priya Reddy was thrilled with the outcome, noting the positive impact on player satisfaction and performance. The Cushion Coat system played a crucial role in creating a safer and more comfortable playing environment. It align with the center's commitment to player well-being.

Final Remarks:

This case study highlights the effectiveness of Pacecourt Cushion Coat in upgrading badminton court surfaces. In terms of player comfort and performance snd smooth sports surface. The successful implementation at Net Smashers Badminton Center in Bangalore . Pacecourt has a wide range of customers, including both amateur and professional sports facilities. We have supplied their products to over 500 customers and have successfully installed over 200 courts across India. Our company offer more than just sports court material product. We also offer expert advisory services, maintenance and supervisory services; connect with us.

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