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Cracked Sports Court Repair At Maple Meadows, Chennai

Removing Uneveness from sports court surface

Cracked Sports Court Repair was a challenge for Maple Meadows Recreation Center, a prominent recreational facility in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The center's recreational surfaces, constructed of Portland cement concrete, were exhibiting signs of aging, including surface imperfections and wear. This deterioration was negatively impacting the quality of play and the aesthetics of the facility.

Pacecourt Solution:

Committed to providing an enhanced recreational experience for visitors, Anjali Iyer explored solutions. Pacecourt's Acrylic Resurfacer, a concentrated 100% acrylic latex binder designed for use with silica sand, was recommended as the ideal solution for revitalizing the Portland cement concrete surfaces. The maintenance team at Maple Meadows Recreation Center diligently followed Pacecourt's application guidelines. They prepared the concrete surfaces and mixed the Acrylic Resurfacer with silica sand to create a consistent blend. The resurfacing process was executed meticulously, resulting in a smoother and more durable playing surface. We did cracked sports court repair easily with our innovative product solution.


The application of Pacecourt's Acrylic Resurfacer brought about a significant transformation at Maple Meadows Recreation Center. Visitors experienced smoother and safer play, free from surface imperfections. The resurfaced areas also received positive feedback for their improved appearance, enhancing the overall ambiance of the facility.

Client Feedback:

Anjali Iyer was happy with the results as we fixed a cracked sports court surface easily. The Acrylic Resurfacer played a pivotal role in enhancing both the playability and aesthetics of the center, reinforcing its position as a premier recreational destination in Chennai.

Final Remarks:

This case study highlights the effectiveness of Pacecourt Acrylic Resurfacer in rejuvenating recreational surfaces constructed of Portland cement concrete and how we fixed . The successful implementation at Maple Meadows Recreation Center demonstrates the product's ability to create smoother, safer, and more attractive recreational environments, elevating the overall experience for visitors. We offer a wide range of products, including acrylic resurfacer, cushion coats, primers, color coats, and deep patches. Our products are all ITF-certified, which means they meet the highest international standards for performance and safety. Contact us for cracked sports court repair services.

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