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Filling Sports Surface Gaps Badminton Court Academy, Pune

Badminton Court in Pune

The top badminton court at the academy in Pune was showing clear signs of deterioration. The combination of the region's humid weather and the court's frequent use led to the formation of cracks and uneven areas on the playing surface. These problems were undermining the gameplay quality and, more importantly, posing safety risks to the athletes. Hence, they were in utmost need of Filling Sports Surface Gaps service.

Pacecourt Solution

Seeking a professional and lasting solution, Rahul Srivastava approached Pacecourt for their expertise. After a detailed evaluation, Pacecourt recommended their Deep Patch product. Renowned for its ability to effectively repair and rejuvenate sports surfaces, especially in humid conditions like those in Pune. Pacecourt provided a comprehensive guide on how to prepare the surface and apply the Deep Patch. Rahul Srivastava's maintenance team undertook the task. They cleaned it thoroughly and applied Deep Patch to fill the cracks and level the surface. The product’s unique formulation was ideal for creating a smooth, resilient playing surface suitable for the fast-paced nature of badminton.


The renovation resulted in a significant improvement in the court's condition. The Deep Patch application restored the surface to its optimal state, ensuring a smooth, even playing area. The academy immediate enhancement in the safety and performance, receiving positive feedback from coaches and players.

Client Feedback

Rahul Srivastava expressed deep satisfaction with the Pacecourt Deep Patch solution. He was impressed with the product's efficiency in handling the unique challenges posed by Pune's climate and the heavy usage of the court.

Final Remarks

This case study highlights Pacecourt's capability to provide specialized solutions for sports surface repair, catering to the specific needs of different locations and sports. The successful refurbishment of the badminton court at Rahul Srivastava's academy in Pune, India, is a testament to the quality and adaptability of Pacecourt's Deep Patch product. Our Filling Sports Surface Gaps services has helped uplifting different courts; contact us if you also want to transform the same.

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