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What is Silica Sand and Why It Is Mixed in Sports Court Material?

Silica Sand

What is Silica Sand? It is an outstanding sports material that sports facilitators use on the sports court surface. It has several properties that serve as its benefits. In this post we will look into this material, its properties, and why it is used in sports court surfaces.

Silica Sand is commonly popular by the name industrial sand. It is a granular material and is a blend of tiny quartz pieces. They are often seen near the riverbanks and sea beds. 

It is a mix of silicon dioxide and is known for its quality and hardness.

Properties of Silica Sand

Silica sand boasts many incredible properties that make it indispensable across various industries. It has multiple properties that make it a highly sought-after material. 

Silica Sand is Weather Tolerant

Since it can adapt to the changing weather and has properties of durability. It makes the material ideal for sports court surfaces as it can tolerate high temperatures or changes in temperature conditions seamlessly. 

They are Thermal Conductive

This material is thermally conductive, which means when you add this material to the sports court surface material makes it resistant to corrosion and improves the lifespan of the sports court.

Strengthen the Court Surface

It has chemical and physical properties that are highly valuable to the sports world, it has a high melting point, is resistant to chemical reactions, contributes to the strength, and makes the court hard. The manufacturers prize this material because of its low cost and high abundance.


It contains high levels of quartz, which brings a lot of hardness to the sand particles. Quartz has a high strength and stands above stainless steel and many other materials. This hardness adds to the durability level of the sports court surface.

Applying it on the sports surface is a quintessential part of modification.

Environment Friendly

It is chemically inert, which means it does not chemically react with most substances. This property of silica sand makes it environmentally friendly. So, when you apply it on the sports court surface the surface becomes resistant to extreme weather, hence the sports court material might corrode.

Resistant to Wear and Tear

The material has fillers that make the court surface durable and resistant to wear and tear. Due to this property, it finds its application in paint and other sports court materials.


Let’s put an end to saying that silica sand is an environmentally friendly way to redecorate the sports surface. Whether you have a volleyball court, or a basketball court, having a blend of materials can change the look of your court and make it more durable. Contact Pacecourt to know more.

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