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Exploring the Versatility of Silica Sand on Sport Court Surface

Silica Sand

Silica  Sand is often added in the sports court surface material. But do you know the real reason behind it? Well, the article points out the same and gives you a comprehensive guide on why sports court material manufacturer use it. Let's start the journey together!

What is Silica Sand?

Before moving into its intricacies, let's have a clear outlook on what silica sand is and what are its properties and how it contribute to sports court longevity.

It is a small substance blended with coal, clay, minerals, and quartz. The material finds its usage in various industrial and sports manufacturing applications.

What are the Properties of Silica Sand?

It has various properties that make it popular among different industries, especially sports court manufacturing:


It enhances the durability of sports court material and resistant to wear and tear. Thus making it suitable for high-traffic areas like sports courts. It helps maintain the integrity of the court and increase its lifespan.

Chemical Inertness

It is resistant to chemical reactions and other substances. Hence, it does not react with other sports court materials. Thus, making it safe to use.

Shock Resistant

Its thermal properties make the court shock-resistant, provide cushioning and reduce the chance of injuries on the sports court. Thus, the players will not fall or collide even when the movements are too fast.

Fair Weight Distribution

It evenly distributes the weight across the sports court surface, thus adding to the court's stability and preventing the turf from becoming uneven over time.

Heat Resistant

As mentioned above, the silica sand has extensive thermal properties, which help to dissipate heat and prevent the sports court from becoming too hot, especially in the summer. This ultimately contributes to the player's experience. 


It has infill materials that prevent the artificial turf from shifting or moving. It ensures a consistent playing surface. 

Moisture Absorption

Unlike traditional sand, this sand is known for its moisture-wicking properties. This property is extremely beneficial for the sports court facilitator to maintain the integrity of the court even during the wet conditions. 


The silica sand is used for many industrial applications and sports court floor materials. It is extensively durable and has distinct properties that improves the playing conditions. Contact Pacecourt to get the best deal on Silica Sand.


Is Silica Sand environment friendly?

In addition to the functional properties and benefits, silica sand is a pure and non-invasive product. It does not harm the environment and is committed to contribute towards sustainability and eco friendliness.

Does it offer any benefit to the athlete?

Yes, owing to its shock absorption properties, it reduces the damage caused by injuries to the players and makes the overall playability experience superior and safer.

Does Silica Sand enhance the grip of the player on the court?

Yes, it does enhance the grip of the player on the court. It makes the game competitive and fair and lets the player focus on the strategy.

What is the cost of silica sand?

The cost of silica sand depends on the location, demand, and supply. However, if you want to maximize your budget, connect with Pacecourt. The company will help you to achieve the premium sports court look.

Is it different from the regular sand?

It is different from normal sand because it is devoid of impurities and resistant to various chemical processes.

What are the benefits of mixing this sand in the sports court material?

It is mixed in the sports court material because it is weather tolerant, thermally conducive, strengthen the sports court surface, etc.

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