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How To Add Durability to Sports Court Material?

Sports Court Material

Sports Court is akin to the battlefield where players from worldwide come to test their skills. A few win and a few lose, but beyond their innings and strategies, what remains constant is the court where they play. Is that true?The harsh reality is that the sports court surface is also subject to change, like cracks, patches, and aging signs might appear. Can we delay the aging process or strengthen the court surface? In this article, we have given you specific points on how you can add to the durability of the sports court.

Tip 1- Hire Experienced Installers

Having a quality material in hand makes you win half the battle but hiring the experienced installers would complete the job. The certified installers are acquainted with the best practices and follow the quality guidelines while installing the court surface. These installers also check the drainage system, uneven surface, and use quality sports court material before beginning the process.

Tip 2- Use High-Quality Sports Court Construction Materials

Poor quality sports court materials are not recommended on the sports court surface because-

  • It de-mars the overall construction of the sports court surface.
  • It leads to poor bounce and increases the chances of injuries.
  • The player’s safety is compromised.
  • If outdoor basketball court material is subpar, court demolition might occur.
  • The court will be susceptible to damage and cracks.
  • The court lifespan will be reduced.
  • Premature wear and tear

These are some of the peculiar reasons why using high quality surface material is the best alternative.

Tip 3- Maintenance

Regular Maintenance is necessary to wane off wear and tear expenses. If your court is constantly damaging or is showing the signs of ageing, you need regular maintenance. 

How Can You Maintain Your Court?
  • The binder takes 14 days to absorb moisture, and till then, it is advised not to use wet court.
  • Keep the border of the court trimmed to avoid damage from the grass.
  • After the rainfall, the court becomes wet; hence, use a wiper to clean the surface.
  • Bird drooping and spillage should be cleaned properly.

The outdoor tennis court flooring material can lose strength if not maintained properly. For more details on what to do for court maintenance visit our blog.

Tip 4- Protective Coatings

Always cushion coat your sports court surface with suitable paints. This will improve its longevity, reduce UV rays, and prevent damage.

Tip 5- Measurements and Dimensions

Last but not least, ensure that you measure the tennis/basketball/volleyball court measurements along with its net to get the right calculations. Tournament organizers also consider this parameter before hiring a sports court surface.

Tip 6- Use Acrylic Flooring

Whether playing badminton, tennis, or basketball, using acrylic flooring would be a great advantage. This flooring would directly impact the players’ performance and enhance their safety. The key features of acrylic flooring are durability, optimal grip, UV resistance, etc. It also impacts the finish of the badminton sports court flooring surface.

Durability to Sports Court


These handy and exclusive tips will strengthen your sports court surface, give it a desired look, and add sheen. If you are also looking to upgrade your court, contact Pacecourt. Our company has a team of dedicated experts who will recommend courts that exhbhit excellence and performance. We offer the best court surface material.

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