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Essential Considerations for Tennis Court Selection by Organizers

tennis court construction

Tennis is an intensive sport brimmed with enthusiasm and excitement. Even a single wrong move can cost the players dearly. So, before playing the sport, an inspection of the tennis court surface is a must. This inspection guarantees peace, safety, and a high-playability experience. In this article, we will explore what factors tournament organizers look at before choosing the sports court for the tournament.

Tennis Court Surface

The tennis court surface is the first thing that most tournament organizers look at. Earlier clay and grass courts were popular because of their agility and easy availability. However, as time progressed, the organizers understood the challenges related to these courts. Hence, now they prefer modern synthetic tennis courts for a better playing experience. Moreover, these courts are forgiving and come with anti-skid properties. Thus ensuring the players’ safety and experience. 

ITF Classification

Another factor that these organizers set their eyes on is whether the court is ITF-certified or not. The ITF certification ensures that the court follows the best practices and that several performance-related parameters are met, like ball bounce, friction, shock absorption, etc. This testing is carried out in the labs by the independent agencies of ITF. 

If the court is ITF certified, it ensures that the tennis court surface passes the tests and is in optimal condition for play, resulting in fair competition.

Tennis Court Measurements and Dimensions

Tennis Court Material

The standard tennis court dimensions are 78 feet in length and 36 feet in width. For a single tennis match, the court is narrower, measuring 78 feet by 27 feet. These measurements do not include run-off space for the players. So, if you are ready to hold tournaments at your tennis court, ensure it meets the optimum size and measurements.

Tennis Court Net

Apart from the court playing surface, other essential elements are watched for, like the net, the net posts, and single sticks. The net runs directly from the middle of the court. It should be 42 feet long and 3.5 feet high. The net post should be 3.5 feet tall and 6 inches high. The net should be 3 feet outside the double sidelines for a double game.

Sports Court Marking

Unless you live under the rocks, you might have noticed the sports court markings or the boundary lines on the tennis court. These lines are not for improving aesthetic appeal. It has certain functional benefits, too, like ensuring the safety of the player and fair play, reducing player fatigue, and defining the goals and penalties. Without it, the player might feel dizzy and won’t be able to focus on the game. However, adding the line markings is not sufficient; these markings should be made from highly built materials so that they last long and contribute to the player experience. The tennis tournament organizers verify these minute things also before setting the stage.

 Tennis Court Materials

Imagine your tennis court is made from subpar material. What would happen? The tournament organizers will notice the cracks, the gaps, etc. Hence, it is better to trust ISO-certified companies like Pacecourt for sports court materials. Our company has a wealth of products that will strengthen your court and will add a visual appeal.

Floor Finish

Floor Finish is yet another factor looked upon by tournament organizers. They consider acrylic flooring as the best because of its strength, durability, resistance to adverse climatic conditions, etc.

Court Painting

The tennis court painting should be wear-resistant, environmentally friendly, and not cause concern for the players. Hence, the tournament organizers take a close look at that. 

Bottom Line

The cost to build a tennis court might spike if you consider these factors. However, in the long run, quality is the only standalone factor that will help you achieve the desired returns. If you want to build a sports court, connect with Pacecourt. Our company will give you the recommendations and material to help you embark on the journey confidently.

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