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Why is Acrylic Sports Flooring the Best Bet?

Acrylic Flooring

Acrylic Sports Flooring is the popular choice for indoor and outdoor sports court surfaces due to its varied features, like durability, versatility and performance characteristics. This paint scores better than conventional owing to its above mentioned characteristics. In this article, we will help you to understand what acrylic sports flooring is, why it is better than traditional flooring choices and which is the best manufacturer of this sports flooring.

What is Acrylic Sports Flooring?

It is an industrial flooring with a water-based coating and can be used for various sports surfaces. This coating is known for its instant drying and anti-skid feature with maximum resistance to abrasion.

Why is Acrylic Sports Flooring the Best Choice?

The acrylic sports court flooring is a better choice than conventional surfaces because of its robust features-


Conventional sports court flooring is not extensively durable and can’t withstand heavy traffic and intense activities. On the other hand, synthetic sports court flooring has a long life span and can withstand adverse climatic conditions, including constant rainfall and sun rays.


The traditional flooring options cannot be used on different sports flooring surfaces. On the other hand, synthetic acrylic sports court flooring is suitable for various sports like basketball, tennis, volleyball and badminton.

High Performance

The conventional sports court flooring does not have a firm grip and there are chances that the players might skid while making fast movements. On the other hand, modern synthetic flooring offers excellent bounce, traction, and surface consistency, and all of it contributes to an enhanced gameplay experience. 


Some people may be hesitant to install synthetic flooring because of a lack of customization. The truth is acrylic flooring can be customized in different patterns, shades and designs to match the specific sports requirements and branding preferences. 

Easy to Install

The synthetic acrylic court flooring can be easily installed in comparison to other sports court flooring, thus minimizing downtime and enhancing the productivity of the players and sports facilitators.

Acrylic  Sports Flooring

How to Install Acrylic Flooring?

Prepare the surface

Before beginning with the process of surface preparation, clean the base and ensure it is free from debris or other contaminants.


Apply the primer on the sports court surface. It joins the base surface with the coating.

Acrylic Resurfacer

Apply several coats of acrylic re-surfacer on the base layer to fill up the gaps and imperfections. 

Acrylic Color Coat

Apply the coatings based on the sports court requirements. It will help you to upgrade your player experience too.

Line Marking

Line Marking or Boundary Lines are necessary for the players movement. It also contribute to their safety.

Let it dry

Let the acrylic resurface, dry, and bond properly before playing the sports. 

Low in Maintenance

Such flooring is low in maintenance and requires minimal effort to clean it. This low-maintenance feature improves the lifespan of the sports court and does not hit your pocket hard. However, depending on the floor surface, periodic maintenance is compulsory.

UV resistant

Do you know sun rays have a harsh impact on the sports court flooring. If we compare traditional vinyl flooring with synthetic flooring the chances are the vinyl flooring with fade away with time because it is not UV resistant. The same is not true in the latter case.

Acrylic Sports Flooring Price

The cost of acrylic sports court flooring price may vary depending on the sports court, preparation, customization option and contractor rates. As told above, such flooring is low in maintenance, but occasional repair is required.

Which is The Best Acrylic Sports Court Flooring Service Provider?

Pacecourt is the leader in offering the best acrylic sports court surfaces. The company uses environmentally sustainable materials to manufacture the same and our products are testimony of our quality.


Synthetic Sports Court Flooring is an ideal choice because of its low maintenance, customization, longevity, and high performance. This flooring also ensures high performance among the athletes without hindering the player’s safety. Contact us for the best sports court flooring option and recommendations.

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