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Color Coat- An Enviornment Friendly Way to Upgrade your Court

Color Coat

Color Coat by Pacecourt the best way to improve the look of the tennis court. Since the game is dominated with different players and spectators; leaving it as it would be the biggest mistake. Hence, to nip this challenge in the bud; the tennis court contractors use various environmentally invasive paints. These paints are high in chemicals and can cause breathing difficulties among the players and will reduce the playability experience.

Hence, to improve the game and let the players focus on their strategic moves; there is a need for environmentally friendly tennis court paint offered by Pacecourt.

Why use Tennis Court Paint by Pacecourt?

Color Combinations

Tennis Court paint by Pacecourt gives you an added advantage. It not only elevates its appearance but also gives you some added benefits.

Wear resistant

Unlike standard paints, Pacecourt color coat is wear resistant, and has brilliant pigments and quality polymers in concentrated form. So, you need not to worry about texture and finish coats because the results will always be what you desired for.


Do you want to make your tennis court look vibrant and attractive? Pacecourt is the answer for it. Our paints are blended with brilliant pigments that render vibrant shades to your tennis court. So, with us quality is guaranteed.


The paint works well for texture and finish coats. You can mix it with water or silica to achieve the right texture and it can be applied to different sports court surfaces. 

Environment Friendly

The toxic color fumes of the tennis court bring a lot of disadvantages. While it might not mar the overall look of the tennis court, it can prove to be a danger to the environment. So, if you want to stay away from environmentally invasive ways and follow the friendly way or reduce the carbon footprint; our color coat painting option is the best bet. Our colors are free from harmful and toxic substances like asbestos, lead and mercury. 


Whether you are looking for a painting of a tennis court or basketball court or any other court sports surface, Pacecourt offers you enormous options to select from. Starting from blue to grass green to red, there is a color to reflect everybody’s mood. 

Can be Used on Line Marking

You can apply the paint on your tennis court line markings also to make it look bold, and to let the player focus on movement of the game.

Easy to Apply

Another reason why people incline towards us is because our paints are easy to apply and dry off quickly.

Step 1

Mix the water or silica in the paint to get the right texture and playing speed.

Step 2

Apply the paint evenly on the desired sports court surface.

Step 3

Let the paint dry completely. 

Result- A vibrant color sports court that attracts the players as well as tournament organizers.

Tennis Court Painting Cost

Now that we have understood the benefits of tennis court paint, the most frequent question people ask is what is the cost of acrylic tennis court paint. The answer is it depends on the square footage area of the sports court surface.


Tennis Court upgrade is a major project. So, you need to hire a professional who can elevate its functional look without hampering the environment’s sustainability. Pacecourt Color Coat is the option to hook on. Our products are manufactured with great precision and transform your dreary court into glorious one.

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