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What To Do For Court Maintenance

Court Maintenance

Many individuals are confused when it comes to maintaining their sports courts. This article will help you comprehend how to take care of your court because Pacecourt receives several inquiries regarding court maintenance and cares about their clients. You must understand court maintenance in order to function properly. To improve the quality of life for your court, every owner must be aware of this.

Let us discuss some key points for sports court maintenance:- 

The court should not be used while it is wet

When the court is newly installed, the surface is wet due to the binder. Binder is a glue that helps the layers stick to one another. Binder absorbs water and takes 14 days to absorb, so it is not recommended to play on the court for 14 days. The grains that give the surface its texture can be rubbed loose when played on when damp.

Trimmed around the court:

To avoid damage caused by grass/weed encroachment, keep a border of at least 20 cm around the court trimmed.

Not too tense a pole:

The tennis net cable shouldn't be overly tightened; the pole can be up to 3 feet. To handle the pole, 100mm of PCC (Plain Cement Concrete) will be used. Avoid overtightening the net cable by no more than 400 mm because doing so could cause the net poles to flex inward and crack at the base of the poles.

Cleanup of the court:

We recommend that you clean the court at least once a week. It is important for your court to be cleaned on time; otherwise, your court may be damaged, as it is recommended that stones on a court can damage the court, so cleaning it once a week is required. 

Use wiper  

After a rain, the court will become wet. However, using a squeegee (Big Size Wiper) helps quicken the drying process. This is crucial to accomplish because if rainwater is left in a court, there is a chance that the court will absorb the water and get damaged.

Avoid hitting the court with racquets  

We may become angry while playing the game, and as a result, there is a potential that the racquets may barely touch the court, which could cause harm.

Bird droppings & spillage 

When there have been bird droppings or other spillages on the court surface, it is best to wash these blemishes away as soon as possible. Pacecourt advises all of its customers that if your court is under a tree branch, you must remove that branch because if a bird drops on the court and you forget to wash it or delay washing it, your court may be damaged. Overhanging branches, in addition to encouraging bird droppings and being unsightly, may cause those areas to remain damp, providing an excellent medium for algae growth, which is harmful to the surface.

Trees and shrubs 

Because of their encroaching roots, some trees and plants can harm the court's surface. Pacecourt suggests that no trees or branches be planted close to the court. It will facilitate the court's maintenance.

Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes must be used because they are light and exclusively designed for sporting events. Other shoes are bulky and heavy, which could damage or destroy the court. 

Vehicles should not be ridden

It is forbidden to ride or use bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, or other vehicles on the court. 

Use flat surfaces for heavy machines

To avoid denting or damaging the court when using an umpire's chair or ball machine, a flat board, such as a hardboard, must be placed underneath the sharp surface.

No land-based surface water

Make sure that no surface water from the land around the court accumulates behind retaining walls or runs onto it. Keep away from the garden beds near the retaining walls.

Guess what? You can now download this maintenance sheet and use it to your advantage.

As we come to a close with this blog, let me provide some information about Pacecourt. Pacecourt manufactures flooring materials, and all of our high-quality products are ITF approved. For more information, please visit our website or call us directly.

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