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Why Pacecourt Primer Is So Important In Concrete?

Importance of primer

Pacecourt Primer is an essential product to use when constructing a court on a concrete base. The installation of a new court requires a properly considered method. I'll explain why floor preparation using a pacecourt primer is essential for saving your time, effort, and money. Examine the importance of primer.

A primer comes with a number of benefits. If you want your flooring to have the best adhesion and durability over time, use a primer. For additional information on Concrete Acrylic Primer, you can also read our previous blog.

There is only one term that comes to mind when discussing primer: bond, as in the bond between the primer and the surface. 

Let us discuss and see images of some important points that every owner who wants to build a court should be aware of.

Adhesion -  

The pacecourt primer absorbs the substrate, allowing the floor overlay to bond to it. Floor primer ensures that the floor overlays adhere to the substrate better. As a result, your floor will last longer and there will be less chance of the coat breaking or chipping.

The court can be torn out if the pacecourt primer isn't used, as this picture shows.

Reduces Emerging of Bubbles

Using a pacecourt primer will significantly minimize the bubble appearing chances in the coat, where air locked in the concrete slab might generate bubbles of gas and holes in your coating. So, by properly priming and closing off the substrate, then you’re minimizing the risk of gas and air released. 

As you can see in this image, If the pacecourt primer is not used, bubbles will appear. 

  Reduces Absorption

Priming reduces the possibility of the products absorbed by the surface. Some surfaces are drier than others. As a result, if you try to apply a coat to it, you may end up with a dull finish because the surface has absorbed all of the liquids. That is why, before applying other products, you must use a primer to seal off the surface.

When no primer used, the court will appear dull, as shown in the image below.

Wrapping up -  

Many people make this mistake because they are unaware of the Importance of primer. I hope this blog post has informed you how crucial pacecourt primer is while building a court, get in touch with us to get primer at a reasonable price.  

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