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Calculating Badminton Court Area: Rules and Measurements 

Badminton, a sport of agility, precision, and speed, requires a specialized playing surface to deliver the best experience to its players. With the rise in the demand for high-quality flooring for badminton courts, companies like Pacecourt, the pioneer in manufacturing synthetic acrylic sports flooring material, have come to the forefront, revolutionizing industry standards. But before diving into the advantages of these materials, it's essential to understand the fundamentals of badminton court measurements and how to calculate its area.

1. Badminton Court Dimensions: The Basics

The badminton court is rectangular and divided into two halves by a net. Here are the primary measurements:

Overall Court Dimensions:

The court is 13.4 meters (44 feet) long and 6.1 meters (20 feet) wide.

Singles Sidelines:

For singles matches, the court's width is reduced. The sidelines are marked 5.18 meters (17 feet) apart.

Doubles Sidelines:

For doubles matches, the full width of the court (6.1 meters or 20 feet) used.

Service Lines:

The court is marked with service lines that are 1.98 meters (6.5 feet) away from the net.

2. Calculating the Badminton Court Area

Calculating the area of a badminton court is a straightforward process. The area is the product of its length and its width.

For a full doubles court: Area = Length x Width = 13.4 meters x 6.1 meters = 81.74 square meters

For a singles court, using the reduced width: Area = Length x Width = 13.4 meters x 5.18 meters = 69.412 square meters

3. The Importance of Accurate Measurements

In a game like badminton, where even a fraction of an inch can decide the outcome of a point, accurate court measurements are paramount. Proper court dimensions ensure:


Both players or teams get an equal playing field, making matches purely skill-based.


Accurate markings prevent players from straying outside the designated play area, reducing the risk of injuries.

Regulation Compliance:

International badminton competitions adhere to the standardized court dimensions. Ensuring your court matches these specifications means players can practice in conditions similar to official tournaments.

4. Advantages of Using Pacecourt's Synthetic Acrylic Sports Flooring

While understanding the court's dimensions is crucial, the choice of flooring material can significantly influence a player's performance and safety.


Pacecourt's synthetic acrylic material is designed for longevity, ensuring the court remains in pristine condition even after prolonged usage.


The surface offers optimum grip, reducing the chances of slips and falls. Its shock-absorbing nature reduces stress on players' joints, minimizing injury risks.

Low Maintenance:

Unlike traditional wooden flooring, synthetic acrylic floors are resistant to moisture and are easier to maintain.


Pacecourt's flooring ensures a consistent bounce and playing experience, which is crucial for a sport like badminton.


By using synthetic materials, Pacecourt reduces the reliance on timber, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

5. Setting the Standard: Pacecourt's Contribution

Being the first company to manufacture synthetic acrylic sports flooring material, Pacecourt has set a benchmark in the industry. Their commitment to quality, safety, and environmental sustainability has made them the go-to choice for numerous sports facilities worldwide. Their products ensure that badminton players get the best possible surface to showcase their skills.

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Calculating the area of a badminton court and understanding its measurements is fundamental for anyone looking to set up a new court or refurbish an existing one. With pioneers like Pacecourt offering top-notch synthetic acrylic flooring solutions, sports facilities can now provide players with a world-class playing experience that's safe, consistent, and environmentally friendly. Whether you're a facility manager, a coach, or an enthusiast, remember that the right measurements combined with the best flooring can elevate the game to new heights.

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