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Meet the Makers: Who Builds Your Badminton Court?

Pacecourt: A Vanguard in Sports Flooring

In the dynamic realm of sports infrastructure, the flooring beneath an athlete's feet often remains the unsung hero. The grip of a shoe, the bounce of a shuttlecock, and the swiftness of a player – all heavily depend on the quality of the court. Badminton Court Builders, like those at Pacecourt, understand this intricate relationship profoundly. As the first company to manufacture synthetic acrylic sports flooring, Pacecourt has not only transformed the way courts built but also established itself as a paragon in the industry, thanks to the expertise of skilled Badminton Court Builders.

The Journey of Pacecourt

Founded at the dawn of the 21st century, Pacecourt's vision was clear: to build a safer, more consistent, and high-performance playing surface for athletes around the world. Recognizing the limitations of traditional wooden and concrete floors, the pioneers behind Pacecourt embarked on a quest to create synthetic acrylic surfaces that would offer unparalleled advantages.

The Making of a Pacecourt Badminton Court

The creation of a synthetic acrylic badminton court by Pacecourt is no less than a magnum opus. Here's a deep dive into the meticulous process:

Ground Preparation:

Any imperfections in the base floor can affect the final outcome. Therefore, the ground leveled and smoothed to ensure a perfect foundation.

Primer Coat Application:

An adhesive primer applied to ensure maximum bonding between the base floor and the subsequent layers.

Cushioning Layer:

One of the standout features of a Pacecourt floor is its cushioning. Multiple layers of resilient materials are applied. This ensures that athletes experience reduced fatigue and lesser impact on their joints.

Acrylic Surface Application:

The top layer, made of high-quality synthetic acrylic, provides the actual playing surface. It's not just about the smooth finish; this layer offers optimal grip, ensuring players can move quickly and safely.

Line Marking:

With precision tools and lasers, the court markings painted onto the surface. These are in accordance with international badminton standards.

Final Touches:

A UV-resistant coating is applied to ensure the court remains vibrant and doesn’t wear out quickly under harsh sunlight (for outdoor courts).

Why Choose Pacecourt?
Innovation at Its Core

Pacecourt's synthetic acrylic courts are the embodiment of technological innovation. Their R&D team constantly strives to enhance the quality, resulting in a court that meets the evolving demands of modern sports.

Environmentally Conscious

In an era where sustainability is paramount, Pacecourt has taken significant strides to ensure that their products are eco-friendly. From the materials used to the manufacturing process, everything is done with an eye on reducing environmental impact.

Athlete Endorsements

Several top-tier badminton players have chosen Pacecourt as their preferred playing surface. Their testimonials speak volumes about the quality and performance of these courts.

The Future of Pacecourt

The future is bright for Pacecourt. With plans to expand its portfolio to other sports and a commitment to constant innovation, Pacecourt is poised to retain its leadership position in the world of sports flooring.

Slide, Bounce, Win! All on Our Acrylic Sports Surface.
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Behind every leap, every smash, and every swift move on a badminton court, there's a dedicated team of makers ensuring the surface is perfect. That's the commitment Pacecourt brings to the table. When you play on a Pacecourt, you’re not just playing on a surface; you’re experiencing a legacy of innovation, dedication, and passion.

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