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Choosing The Right Tennis Court Size: Factors To Consider

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Tennis Court Size is always a matter of concern for the sports enthusiast as well as the player. The smaller the court, the greater the chance for tripping hazards and player fatigue, and the longer the court, the more is the chance of ball bounce back and restricted movements. Hence, before selecting the court, you have to factor in the size, dimensions of the feet, accessories that you can add, and the type of the court. Let's think of all other factors that impact tennis court size.

Tennis Court Dimensions

If we look into dimensions, it's essential to measure the tennis court. As per the ITF, the global tennis governing body, a rectangular tennis court should measure 23.77 meters long. The width for a double tennis court is 10.97 meters, and for singles is 8.23 meters. Since most tennis courts are segregated for single and double matches. The separate sidelines are earmarked through the markings. 

It forms two lanes, each measuring 1.37 meters in width and 23.77 meters long on either side of the tennis court. The lanes outside the playing zone come under the single match, but inside the playing area come under the double match. Then, there is a net that should measure 1.07 meters high, suspended parallelly to the baseline, that divides the court into two halves. 

Each player can defend one half. In each half, the service line is drawn 6.40 meters from the net. The midpoint of the service line is further adjoined by a vertical centre service line that forms a rectangular box called a service area. This service area is essential while serving the ball. The standard tennis court feet are 78, and the service line is 21 feet. The court for single matches is 27 feet, and for double matches, it is 36 feet.

Surface Types

The right tennis court size also depends on the court surface that you are choosing for. For example, the acrylic court are the measurement should be 23.77mm. It is same for single and double courts. The length of the court is 23.77m and width should be 10.97m. with single line setting of 1.37m in either side.


The right tennis court dimensions also depends on safety of the players. It should enable traction and cushioning, lower the threat of slips, falls, and impact-associated injuries.


The dimensions are dependent on the purpose for which the court is used. For example, if the court is used for recreational or casual purpose, the small court would suffice while if it is professional tournaments the size should enlarge accommodate the players needs.

Environmental Considerations

Also, take into account the environmental factors-like terrain, wind and sunlight exposure. These factors impact the layout and orientation of the court, and may influence its size.

Climatic Conditions

Environmental factors like wind, sunlight also have an effect on the tennis court size. For example, in wet and humid areas extra space consideration should be factored into to create a shade and to prevent glare.

Player Skill Level

Courts that are used for professional tournaments should adhere to ITF approved tennis court size. However, if the court is created for recreational or for beginners, the size might vary.


The larger tennis court deploys more material, labor, thus resulting in higher costs. Hence, consider your budget constraints before initiating with tennis court installation.

Why choose Pacecourt for Tennis Court Construction?

Pacecourt is a strong contender and a strong choice for tennis courts, based on customer demands and reviews. Here are some reasons why you should choose their synthetic acrylic courts.

ITF Certified

Their tennis court, which we installed, meets international tennis court federation standards and norms, and they stand high in terms of performance and safety.


Synthetic acrylic tennis courts are exceedingly durable and can withstand heavy foot site visitors, severe climate conditions, and steady play without huge wear and tear. This sturdiness guarantees lengthy-lasting performance and minimum protection requirements. 


These courts impart players consistent speed. This consistency allows gamers to develop and keep their capabilities greater efficacy, as they can anticipate how the ball will react on the court docket. 


 Synthetic acrylic courts by Pacecourt can be custom-designed to fulfil the unique necessities of the customers. Court builders can cater to factors like floor texture, pace, and colour to match players' choices and playing patterns. 

Quick Installation

 Compared to other kinds of tennis courts, which include clay or grass courts, acrylic courts by us can be installed quickly. It means less downtime for facilities' present process production or maintenance. 

Low Maintenance

Once mounted, synthetic acrylic tennis courts by Pacecourt require minimum upkeep compared to herbal surfaces like clay or grass. Regular sweeping, occasional pressure washing, and patching of youth cracks are generally all that is needed to keep the court in top shape.

All-Weather Play

Synthetic acrylic courts manufactured by us are designed to be weather-resistant, allowing gamers to revel in tennis year-round regardless of rain or intense temperatures. This function makes them especially suitable for places with unpredictable climatic situations.


While the preliminary set-up cost of an artificial acrylic tennis courtroom may be better than a few other surfaces, the long-term cost benefits frequently outweigh this preliminary funding due to decreased protection requirements and extended lifespan. 

Overall, artificial acrylic tennis courts offered by us are a versatile, long-lasting, and cost-effective proposition for players. However, regular maintenance is the key to upkeep the court. Without it, the tennis court cracks might develop and can further deteriorate the condition. In such cases, Deep Patch by Pacecourt is the solution.


These courts are engineered to provide the players with a consistent playability experience that is suitable for professional and amateur players.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike other courts, our surfaces are easy to maintain and do not make a hole in your pocket.


If you are still hesitant to make any decision about the size of tennis court, connect with Pacecourt, as we provide the best surface materials to make the player confident and to let the facilitator stay atop the game. Also, we provide recommendations based on your needs.

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