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Badminton Sports Court Coating Transformed ShuttleFlight Center

Upgrading tennis court

ShuttleFlight Badminton Center, in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The center is renowned for its high-quality badminton courts and commitment to delivering an exceptional playing experience. They needed Badminton Court Refurbishment. The badminton courts at ShuttleFlight were showing signs of extensive use, with issues like diminished surface grip, faded lines, and overall wear impacting the quality of play. The objective was to do Badminton Sports Court Coating on these courts to enhance their aesthetic appeal but also to improve playing conditions and ensure long-term durability.

Pacecourt Solution:

Arjun Patel opted for SwiftCoat Supreme for this extensive renovation. This advanced, wear-resistant acrylic coating, Known for its vibrant and durable pigments and superior polymer composition. Its eco-friendly formulation, free from toxic substances like asbestos and lead, was a key aspect of its selection. SwiftCoat Supreme’s ability to serve both as a base and finish coat offered the flexibility to tailor the court surfaces according to specific badminton requirements. The refurbishment at ShuttleFlight Badminton Center carried out with meticulous attention to detail. The existing court surfaces were thoroughly prepped for the application of SwiftCoat Supreme. Following the precise guidelines from SwiftCoat, the maintenance team mixed the coating to achieve the required texture and consistency for optimal badminton play. The application process executed uniformly, ensuring a high-quality, consistent finish on all courts.


The badminton color coating led to a significant transformation of the badminton court floor. The newly coated surfaces were visually appealing, with bright, clear markings that enhanced the overall look of the courts. The tailored surface texture offered improved grip and consistent shuttlecock bounce, greatly enhancing the gameplay experience. The durability of the new coating suggested longer-lasting court quality and reduced future maintenance.

Client Feedback:

Arjun Patel was extremely satisfied with the Badminton Sports Court Coating, and the feedback from players and club members was overwhelmingly positive. The decision to use SwiftCoat Supreme, seen as pivotal in elevating the center's badminton facilities to a premier level.

Final Remarks:

This case study highlights the success of SwiftCoat Supreme in the comprehensive renovation of badminton court surfaces. The project at ShuttleFlight Badminton Center not only revitalized the courts aesthetically but also significantly improved their functionality and longevity. This renovation underlines the product's adaptability and efficacy in meeting the specific needs of badminton courts, reinforcing the center's commitment to maintaining exemplary sports facilities. Contact us for Badminton Sports Court Coating.

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