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Badminton Court Repairs At ShuttleMaster Badminton Arena

Renew volleyball court

ShuttleMaster Badminton Arena, a premier badminton facility located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, needed an overhaul to address surface wear, diminished traction, and faded court markings. The goal was to Badminton Court Repairs to not only improve their appearance but also to enhance the quality of play and ensure durability.

Pacecourt Solution:

For this significant refurbishment, Neeta Krishnan selected FeatherFlex EliteCoat. This product is a high-performance, wear-resistant acrylic coating, acclaimed for its vibrant color palette and superior polymer content. Its eco-friendly nature, free from harmful substances like asbestos and lead, made it an ideal choice for the project. FeatherFlex EliteCoat’s versatility, serving as both a base and finish coat, allowed customization of the court surfaces to cater to the specific requirements of badminton play. The renovation at ShuttleMaster Badminton Arena was meticulously executed. The initial phase involved extensive preparation of the existing court surfaces. Following the guidelines provided by FeatherFlex, the maintenance team prepared the EliteCoat mix to achieve the desired texture and consistency. The application was uniform and thorough, aiming for a consistent, high-quality finish across all courts.


The renovation resulted in a dramatic transformation of the badminton courts. The new surfaces were visually striking, with renewed color vibrancy and clear markings, greatly enhancing the courts' aesthetic appeal. The customized surface texture improved playability, offering better foot grip and consistent shuttle bounce, essential for competitive badminton. With the best badminton court material, the durability of the new coating also indicated longer-lasting quality and reduced maintenance needs.

Client Feedback :

Neeta Krishnan expressed immense satisfaction with the renovation, a sentiment shared by club members and players. The use of FeatherFlex EliteCoat was acknowledged as crucial in elevating the arena's badminton facilities to a higher standard of excellence.

Final Remarks:

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of FeatherFlex EliteCoat in revitalizing badminton court surfaces. The project at ShuttleMaster Badminton Arena showcases how the product enhanced both the visual appeal and functionality of the courts, thereby improving the overall playing experience. The Badminton Court Upgrade underscores the product's adaptability and effectiveness in meeting the specific demands of badminton court surfaces, contributing to the arena's reputation for providing top-tier sports facilities. Contact us for badminton court repair services.

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