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Deep Patch Solution- A Way To Say No to Cracks

Deep Patch

Deep Patch Solution is an innovative product by Pacecourt that fills up the sports surface cracks and makes it smooth, also improving the player’s experience. Here, in this article, we will highlight 

  • How do cracks arise on the sports court surface?
  • What are the possible solutions?
  • Why is a professional fix better than a DIY fix?

Let’s unfurl the journey.

How Do Cracks Arise in the Sports Court Surface?

Whether you are playing badminton, volleyball, tennis, the cracks may arise because

Aging of the court

After a certain time, the court becomes to age naturally and hence the cracks develop and deepen that further deteriorate the court playability experience. If left unnoticed, the debris or liquid will accumulate within it and further expand the cracking, leading to compounding surface problems. Thus, weakening sports court construction.

Weak Foundation

A foundation malfunction occurs when the materials used while constructing the court was too cheap to handle the daily abuse or there is a water logging concern. It gives rise to uneven court surfaces, bubbles or cracks.

 Excessive Use

When tennis court, basketball courts are overtly used or abused by hundreds of players, natural wear and tear is a common consequence. Even with highly strict maintenance and upkeep, the surface will eventually fail and might cause cracks. 

Improper Maintenance

Whether your court is constructed outdoor, indoor, regular maintenance is necessary. It facilitates excellence in the court and prevents common surface problems like cracks from recurrence.

What are the Possible Solutions for the Cracks?

Some people go the DIY route while fixing the cracks. For example, they use cement to fill up the cracks. However, it is a short lived solution because the problem may creep again due to challenging temperature conditions.

Permanent fix- Deep Patch

Deep Patch is a product that is an innovative way to fix the cracks. It repairs the sports court surface and can be used over existing and concrete recreational sports surfaces.

What are the Benefits of Deep Patch?

The product is innovative and is designed to modify your sports surface. The product is highly beneficial for

  • Patching and Resurfacing
  • Terrazzo Flooring
  • Underlay of the floor
  • Architectural Building Panels
  • Highway and bridge deck repair

Here are its notable benefits

High Tensile Strength

Pacecourt Deep Patch Solution has high tensile strength, which confirms its durability. It can withstand high wear and tear even during bad conditions.


Pacecourt Deep Patch exhibits excellent properties and makes the court tough. When you use this product to the concrete surface, bitumen the surface will become smooth, friendly and easy to play on.

Best Solution for Undulation

The product fixes the cracks and is an innovative way to fill it up. It has 100% acrylic polymer composition, low viscosity that enhances strength, durability, to cement and Bitumen based products.

It is truly a game changer solution for the sports court. It protects the player from tripping on uneven surfaces and ensure game remains secure for all the levels.


If you want to strengthen the court surface and give it an aesthetic appeal or wish to say goodbye to the cracks, Deep Patch is a product that can sort out all your sports court surface related problems. Talk to Pacecourt for further details.

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