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Tennis Court Crack Repair: When It Needs to Be Done?

Tennis Court Crack Repair

Tennis Court Crack Repair is a major flaw that requires attention. If neglected it can lead to demolition of the tennis court surface and poor playability experience.  In this article, we will have an overview of why tennis court crack, how to fix tennis court cracks, and which method does last the longest.

Why does the Tennis Court Crack?

Tennis Court Cracks is a common sight that often causes tripping hazard among the players. It occurs as the court ages, when frequent matches are played, change in temperature,improper drainage or when preventive maintenance is not taken seriously. The oils begin to dry out and the crack enlarges. It appears small at first and then it enlarges.

How to Fix Tennis Court Cracks?

Repairing the crack is a maintenance issue. None can permanently fix it once it has developed. You can fill the cracks by using a membrane, but it may wither off in the winter months and the issue will stand the same. This thought might provoke another question in our mind” how to repair cracks so that the court lasts long. Let’s find out the answer.

Which Method Will Last Long?

Filling the cracks is most cost-effective when done temporarily or to enhance the court cosmetically just for a season.  However, there is a permanent solution to it. This solution will strengthen your court surface, slow down the deterioration process and make it more playable. 

Pacecourt Deep Patch

Pacecourt Deep Patch is the best solution for tennis court crack repair. Owing to its composition the product stands tall among the competitors. It can be used over existing asphalt or concrete surfaces. 

What are the Benefits of our Product?

The undulated surface can take a toll of time and cause player injuries. Hence, to smooth such surfaces there is a need for revolutionary products that can become your go to solution for the repairs.

Permanent Solution

Unlike conventional cosmetic products, our Deep Patch is a permanent solution for the uneven surface. Our technology ensures consistent and fair game playing experience. So, no more player thrust, or injuries, safe play is guaranteed.

No patches

The patches die hard and can be a cause of concern, Deep Patch forms a seamless base, thus hiding the crack and making the surface look even.

Investment for a long time

Since our product is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of the sports, thus we can guarantee you a durable and long lasting court. 

Pacecourt Deep Patch

How to Use?

Deep Patch Product is applied on the base to remove undulation and surface patches. Once the product is applied it becomes solid and the base is set for the subsequent court construction.


In the end, we would like to say that tennis court repair starts with comprehending how the cracks begin to develop, and learning about the best practices for tennis court maintenance. Even after  the crack occurs don’t use temporary measures to fix it; hire an expert, like Pacecourt for tennis court maintenance and repair. To learn more about our product and how to maintain the quality of the tennis court; contact us.


How to prevent tennis court cracks?

The proper maintenance is the key to ensure your court beauty. It will prevent cracks and maintain the tennis court surface. Other steps to ensure court strength is to clean the court with mild detergent, remove the standing water, remove the debris and foreign objects, hire experts for cleaning, and prevent unnecessary damage from sharp objects.

How to prevent cracks on asphalt or concrete surfaces?

To fix tennis court cracks on asphalt or concrete surfaces, use Pacecourt Deep Patch. The product works well on the different types of sports surfaces and the result is smooth tennis court. 

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