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Why Choose Pacecourt Cushion Coat

Pacecourt Cushion Coat


In outfitting your sports facility with the finest flooring, you should have a tough, safe, and high-performing solution. The proper flooring for a tennis court, basketball court, or volleyball court can make all the difference in enhancing the overall experience. For athletes and spectators. Using Pacecourt Cushion Coat will elevate your game to another level by providing unmatched durability, safety, and performance. Pacecourt is an acrylic synthetic sports flooring material manufacturer. It provides a cushioned surface and excellent shock absorption making it a perfect choice that offers comfort and security to players of any age or competence level. It is easy to maintain and can be customized to suit individual needs thus it’s the best option for any sports facility willing to take their game higher than before. Know why sports facilities trust our flooring solution then unleash the potential of your play area from today.

What is a Cushion Coat? And What it is used for?

Cushion coat is a term used to define the type of protective coating applied to surfaces, mostly floors, to provide shock absorption and cushioning ability. This special paint is formulated in such a way that it provides a supple and elastic surface that minimizes accidents. Like slipping, falling or even hitting thus making it more applicable in areas that are prone to heavy traffic or even sports amenities. Pacecourt cushion coat consists of acrylic synthetic materials which are great in terms of absorbing shocks. It helps decrease fatigue as well as stress upon absorbing the footfall energy along with other pressures caused by sports equipment or other kinds on top. They are used for various reasons, such as:


Cushion coats reduce the chances of getting hurt by having a softer surface that can absorb falls and crashes. Thus reducing the pressure exerted on the body.


The coating’s cushioning impacts positively on users’ comfort especially if they have to stand for long or when they engage in physical activities.


The main purpose of using cushion coats is to provide a layer of protection against wear and tear, thereby increasing its life span and ultimately reducing frequent maintenance or replacement.

Explore why Pacecourt Cushion Coat is the best choice for your flooring needs.

Better Longevity:

Pacecourt Cushion Coat is designed with sports in mind, being capable of handling all harsh conditions. Be it basketball, volleyball, tennis, or any other high-impact sport, Pacecourt’s firm surface is capable of taking all this. Its robust acrylic coating offers outstanding scratch, scuff, and abrasion resistance so that your grounds can always look attractive and work well over a long period.

Boosted Safety:

Any sporting facility must put safety first; hence Pacecourt Cushion Coat has been engineered to enhance player safety. The cushioned floor helps minimize injuries that may result from slips, trips, and falls thereby making it suitable for athletes of all genders as well as proficiency levels. Furthermore, Pacecourt flooring provides excellent shock absorption thus reducing fatigue and strain on players’ tendons and ligaments during intense games.

Easy Maintenance:

Well, that is what we are going to find out today. Simply apply Pacecourt Cushion Coat- it’s the easiest system to maintain. The product has a smooth surface and is non-porous hence resistant to dirt, stains, and water. You only need a piece of cloth or mop to wipe them off. Because there is not much work involved in cleaning Pacecourt floors. They save you time and energy as you can use them instead of washing the traditional wood or concrete types.

Customized Choices:

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to sports facilities and Pacecourt knows that. Do you have specific team colors, branding, or school spirit? We have got everything covered with color variations, designs, and logo emblems that will give a unique look reflecting your preferences. What type of finish do you like? Precision and quality craftsmanship is what sets Pacecourt apart from others’ works as it strives to fulfill your expectations.

Going Green:

It falls upon us at Pacecourt to be responsible for environment preservation through eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Pacecourt Cushion Coat does not pollute. Since 100% recycled materials are used in its manufacture; therefore it guarantees environmental safety for sports flooring purposes. If you choose Pacecourt, you can reduce your carbon footprint. Because this can help maintain nature for our descendants.


Pacecourt Cushion Coat is an outstanding sports flooring choice. On account of its superior ruggedness, safety, and performance. Its cushioned surface as well as excellent absorption qualities for impact make it safe for all ages of athletes. At different levels of skill. It has no match in its adaptability and convenience across the world’s sports facilities courtesy of individualization possibilities and ease of maintenance. By opting for Pacecourt Cushion Coat you can be certain that your floor will not only meet but exceed the highest standards of quality and performance. Choose Pacecourt to increase the level of your game by providing an excellent playing surface that makes the athletes excel.

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