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Cushion Coat System: Transforming United Sports Academy

Improvement in basketball court

United Sports Academy, a prominent sports academy in Mumbai, Maharashtra, asphalt basketball courts were becoming a source of concern due to the hard playing surface, which was leading to player fatigue and an increased risk of lower extremity injuries. The humid and often wet conditions of Mumbai exacerbate these issues, affecting the durability and safety of the courts. The cushion Coat system was much needed for improving the play.

Pacecourt Solution:

To enhance the playing experience and reduce injury risks, Anita Desai sought a reliable and effective solution. She chose the Pacecourt Cushion Coat system, a multi-layered application known for providing added comfort and reducing shock, ideal for Basketball Court Improvement.

The maintenance team at United Sports Academy meticulously followed the application process outlined by Pacecourt. They prepared the asphalt courts and applied the Cushion Coat system, ensuring each layer ,evenly distributed for optimal cushioning and surface consistency.


The Cushion Coat system significantly improved the courts' resilience and player comfort. The players experienced a noticeable reduction in stress on their joints, leading to enhanced performance and a more enjoyable playing experience. The courts also showed increased resistance to wear and tear, particularly important in Mumbai's challenging climate.


Anita Desai, the owner of United Sports Academy, was extremely pleased with the outcome. Noting the positive response from players and coaches. The Cushion Coat system was commended for its impact on player safety and comfort. It improved the appearance and longevity of the courts.

Final Remarks:

This case study demonstrates the benefits of using Pacecourt Cushion Coat for basketball court surfaces, especially in demanding environmental conditions. The successful application at United Sports Academy in Mumbai highlights the product's effectiveness in creating safer, more comfortable, and durable sports facilities, catering to the needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts. By choosing thе right manufacturеr, thе acadеmy was ablе to rеvitalizе its baskеtball court. Offеring playеrs a nеw lеvеl of pеrformancе, safеty, and visual appеal. Reputable contractors delivering

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