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Skating Rink Crack Repair: Glacier Edge Arena in Shimla

Skating Rink at Glacier Edge


Glacier Edge Arena , located in Shimla, India was facing significant deterioration due to the cold climate and heavy usage. During peak tourist seasons the conditions went worse. The surface had developed numerous cracks and uneven areas, leading to safety concerns and a compromised skating experience. They were in need of Skating Rink Crack Repair solutions.

Pacecourt Solution

In search of an effective and lasting solution, Aarav Khatri contacted Pacecourt. Considering the unique weather conditions of Shimla and the high usage of the rink, Pacecourt recommended their Deep Patch product. The product is known for its robust performance in repairing and leveling sports surfaces in various environmental conditions. Pacecourt provided detailed guidance for the preparation and application of the Deep Patch. The maintenance team at Glacier Edge Arena meticulously applied the product. It focused on filling in all the cracks and creating a smooth, even surface. Our Skating Rink Crack Repair product- Deep Patch suited the cold, mountainous environment of Shimla, thereby providing a durable and reliable skating surface.


The application of the Deep Patch significantly enhanced the skating rink's condition. The previously damaged surface was transformed into a smooth and even skating area. It thereby improved safety and the overall skating experience. The arena noted increased visitor satisfaction and a rise in skating activities post-renovation.

Client Feedback

Aarav Khatri expressed his gratitude and satisfaction with the results. He is impressed by the durability and quality of the Deep Patch, which not only addressed the immediate repair needs but also provided a long-term solution for the rink, suited to Shimla's challenging climate. Skating Rink at Glacier Edge in Shimla transformation finally worked.

Final Remarks

This case study highlights Pacecourt's expertise in providing tailored solutions for Skating Rink Crack Repair, adapted to different environmental and usage conditions. The refurbishment of the skating rink at Glacier Edge Arena in Shimla, under the ownership of Aarav Khatri, showcases the adaptability and effectiveness of Pacecourt's Deep Patch in maintaining and enhancing high-quality sports facilities in a range of climates.

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